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As you know, I’m a huge podcast fan. I love listening to them. I enjoy being a guest on them. It’s one of the reasons why I’m in the midst of launching my own “IMPACT” podcast later this summer.

And is why I’m knee-deep in preparing & recording all aspects of the podcast NOW!

I’m actually recording the first few episodes of my podcast later this week. YES!

One of the parts of my podcast will be an “Ask TD” component. This is where you can ask me any question you want on training, coaching, business, leadership, personal growth or anything that’s on your mind.

So I’m asking you today…


Please include your name and city/state with your question. If you would also like to include business name, social media handle, or any other pertinent information to include when I read your question aloud, please provide that information so I can give you some love!

The more specific you are with your question, the better. Please share as much detail as possible so I can answer your question most effectively.

You can simply respond to this email and let me know your question (

Thank you in advance!

Today’s Podcast for your Listening Pleasure:

As you may know, I grew up in Brick, NJ. Yep, Jersey Shore baby!

So when Christine Conti & Brian Prendergast (based in Brick, NJ) contacted me and asked me to be on their show, “2 Fitness Crazies & a Microphone”, what do you think my answer was?


Listen in now to episode #88 of the “2 Fitness Crazies & a Microphone podcast. I go deep into growing up, my faith, and what drives me today. Enjoy the show…

Create a great week… and thanks again for your questions!


P.S. I would love your feedback for my Podcast. Please take ACTION today!

In order to best serve you, my team and I have created a short survey for my IMPACT podcast. It includes WHAT guests YOU want to hear from on the show, what topics you MOST want covered, and a few other important questions also.

To put on the best podcast/show possible, I want to make sure I do all my due diligence and get as much input/feedback from you as possible. If you get a few minutes today, please fill out the form so I can review.

Thank you in advance for all. I sure appreciate your participation in the process as we gear up to create something special. #IMPACTPodcast

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