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The Power of the Grey Hoodie

For years now, you’ve heard me talk about the undeniable power of the GREY HOODIE. For me, the famed fabric turned into inspirational attire after a small-time boxer “hit” it big in working-class Philadelphia in 1976’s Rocky. And as my most loyal followers know, I’ve been chirping about the hoodie on every platform possible since.

In fact, my iconic outerwear has made several guest “appearances” on social media, speaking circuits, my 3.5 Day Mentorship, and even in the trenches at Fitness Quest 10…


Because I truly believe… scratch that… I KNOW, when I toss on my grey hoodie, it’s time to make magic happen. And time and time again, I find the deepest power within myself to operate at my best when I’m burrowed in my grey hoodie…

My friends, the power of the grey hoodie is that it signifies when it’s time to flip the switch, get in the zone, and go to WORK. It is my secret weapon and it can be yours, too.

I assure you of this; when you throw on the right grey hoodie, it serves as a symbol of the grit, the soul, the energy, the mindset, the power, and the edge, that we all need to dial in and make mountains move. The video below is the perfect example of how this fantastic grey fabric can impact the body, mind, spirit, and soul.

With that, I implore you to #GetUrHoodieOn. But you gotta make sure it’s the right one… not just any grey hoodie will do.

Ready to wear your hoodie loud and proud? I’ve got custom “IMPACT” grey hoodies ready to serve as YOUR secret weapon. These are the real deal!

Get YOUR grey hoodie HERE!!!

#GetUrHoodieOn #GreyHoodie

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