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Quarterback Your Own Health | IMPACT Q&A

When it comes to your own health, you must ultimately do the things necessary to maximize your own vitality, energy, and overall well-being. This includes your physical, mental, and spiritual self. In my own walk, I use a combination of allopathic medicine, naturopathic medicine, exercise, and my own hacks to maximize my energy, recovery, and health.

In this episode, I share my routine and specific steps you can do using traditional and non-traditional medicine to create that “extra edge.” This includes specific things you may want to consider with your training, nutrition, recovery, faith-walk, and hacks that could further amp-up your energy and performance. Take your health into your hands and start to “Quarterback Your Own Health” to MVP levels starting TODAY.

Listen in and enjoy the episode!

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1:23- A Discussion Between Me & You About Your Health

1:47- Energy Is Manifested

2:37- We Must Quarterback Our Own Health
Your health is in YOUR hands.

3:59- 4 Different Aspects Of Health
Health-set, Mind-set, Heart-set, Soul-set

5:20- Who’s On Your Medical Team?
Are you leaning on them enough?

8:13- The Benefits of Naturopathic Medicine

10:22- Your Training Regimen
“Ultimately, if I’m not training and conditioning my own body… there are going to be problems.”

14:33- Your Nutrition Habits

17:14- Your Sleep Regimen
What to add and what to subtract for optimal sleep!

19:14- My Personal “TD Hacks” on Health 
Investments… so you can avoid expenses!!

21:54- Benefits of Prayer

23:27- Energy and Health Care Go Hand-In-Hand

23:43- If You’re Not at Your Best Health Right Now…
What is one thing you can do this week?

23:57- Magnify Your Career, Your Finances, Your Relationships, and Your IMPACT
Quarterback your own health!

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Todd is a coach on the Netflix show “STRONG” that is must-watch TV. He is a previous Jack LaLanne Award winner, a 2-time Trainer of the Year, and he runs his Todd Durkin Mastermind group of top trainers and fitness pros around the globe, coaching them with business, leadership, marketing, training, and personal growth mentorship.

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