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Real Medicine for Real Health

Real Medicine for Real Health
Brett Klika C.S.C.S.

“Take two of these and call me in the morning”. Ahhh. Modern “health care”. Our entitled society believes we shouldn’t have to make changes to our lifestyle and our cash-strapped health care system has just given up on the notion. If you are sick, it’s someone else’s fault, keep doing what you’re doing and take a pill. I don’t blame it on doctors. They just respond to demand.

The problem with our nation’s health is an “I” or maybe a “we” but not a “them”.

The utter absurdity to which we address symptoms, not causes is laughable. This short-sidedness is not only breaking our healthcare system, it’s breaking our ability to thrive as humans. If a house has a cracked foundation, you can pound all the nails into the roof you want, but that house is going to fall apart.

Consider this logical model of health care. There are certain things that form the foundation of human survival. There are others, but the following form the most basic human needs:
1. Breathing- Breathing is our #1 survival need and nearly every physiological function we have is based on the quality and quantity of this necessity. We do it about 10,000 times a day. If the quality or quantity of breathing is compromised in any way, so is our health.

2. Water- Water is another foundation of life on earth. As humans were are comprised of mostly water. We need a constant intake of water to maintain appropriate physiological function. If we don’t get adequate quality and quantity of water, our ability to survive is decreased.

3. Sleep- We can go without food longer than we can go without quality sleep. Our body’s ability to perform depends on the “down time” during sleep to recover. With no down time, the human body cannot recover or recharge. It can only burn reserves until everything is gone. Then we’re gone.

4. Food- Our body needs the nutrients in food to stay alive and operate at an optimal level. Much like an automobile, if we use high-grade fuel, we get high-grade performance. Low grade fuel not only decreases performance, it causes damage.

Would you dare put low-grade fuel in a luxury car with a “premium fuel only” sticker? You can buy another luxury car. You can’t buy another body.

5. Movement- The human body is a perpetual motion machine. Nearly every physiological function depends on movement. Our intricate biomechanical system is designed to allow for a lot movement. Moving at a high intensity is how we used to get food, water, and shelter.

Years ago, if you didn’t move, you died of dehydration, starvation, or exposure. Movement is not a novelty, it’s a necessity. If you don’t have an adequate quality and quantity of movement, your existence will be compromised.

If the above are inarguably the foundations of health, why are they not the foundation of our health care? I’m talking both individually and as well as institutionally. Remember, it’s an “I” or “we” not “them”. You can’t argue that compromising any of the necessities of survival can be catastrophic to one’s health. This is not a “theory” or an “approach” it’s reality.

Why is it then, that we chose to ignore the obvious reality in favor of the short-sided approach of quick-fixes? The truth? We are lazy and entitled. We have reverted to a “them” society. Everything is everyone else’s fault and we are victims. Victims shouldn’t have to change their ways because after all, any and all maladies have been imparted unfairly upon them.

A true shift in our health care mentality starts with “I”. Health care professionals know more about the human body than the average man, so a “we” approach is even better. When a right-minded “I” teams with a like-minded “we”, it’s a formula for success. “Them” is always a formula for failure.

Start today with “I will pay attention to the foundations of me and my family’s health”. Breath better, drink more quality water, get more high quality sleep, eat high quality food, and get plenty of high quality movement. Reinforce the foundation of a long, happy, healthy life!

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