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How I REALLY feel about the election….

It’s kind of a weird feeling knowing we have a new President elected, huh? To be honest, I wasn’t overly excited about either one of our candidates going into the election.

But hats off to Donald Trump and his team for defying all odds and squeaking out a win.

If you’re an American, you love to compete. And you hate to lose. So all of these feelings you are experiencing today are REAL.

The bottom line is NOW is the time for ALL of us to “step up or shut-up.” The fact is that whoever won the Presidency, we had our work cut out for us. And we sure do. I firmly believe that each and every one of us is the captain of our own ship and there is no one man or woman who is going to dictate your success. Make sure you are putting your faith in no ONE man or woman…as that will surely lead you astray regardless of WHO is President.

You see, I spent the last 6 days in China. China is a Communist country far different than the democracy we live in. Despite the election, I’m waking up today for the first time back on U.S. soil, not feeling blue for who is President but saying, “Thank God I’m an American. May God bless our country, our leadership, our land, and each and every person who has a dream.”

Traveling to foreign lands tends to put a perspective on things far greater than if you have never land our great land. Kind of ironic I’ve arrived back in our country on this specific day. #Perspective

Today, it’s easy to engage in constant banter or argument about the election…
Or watch the horrifying news about how our country is in trouble…
And how the markets worldwide are collapsing…

Hey, there was going to be significant CHANGE whether it was Hillary or Donald. And frankly, I’m not sure who was the better candidate. And at this point, it doesn’t matter.

What matters is what I’ve been telling myself for weeks prior to the election:
“Regardless of who is voted President…the next day the sun is going to come up, the birds will be chirping, and I’m going to work to change some lives.”


I hope you feel the same way. I hope that you place your faith and hope in a Power far greater than any one man or woman. Otherwise, you will continue to be disappointed. #KeepTheFaith

Besides the presidential election, there were a few other measures on the ballot here in CA that I was very disappointed in the outcome.

Prop 64 in California passed. This makes marijuana legal for recreational purposes. And you can argue with me “why” marijuana is a plant and should be OK. Or that it’s going to be good for the economy because the amount of money it will generate. I vehemently disagree with allowing this drug to be legalized and fear for my kids thinking that smoking weed is now “OK.”

Prop C failed. This essentially means the San Diego Chargers will NOT be building a stadium downtown and it’s one step closer to our beloved home-team moving to Los Angeles. Now I know this is more of a personal love-affair with an NFL team, but I realize the value of an NFL franchise in a city on all levels. “America’s Finest City” will take a hit if we lose our Chargers. Just my 2 cents.

But again, I’m not going to base my personal health, happiness, or mindset on the outcome of the election. I will choose to live life based on Faith and purpose… not on what the outcome of an election is.

Will it impact me? Yes.
Will it determine my health & happiness? NO!!!

How about you?

One of the greatest lessons I learned from my father (as shared in WOW BOOK Chapter 1) was about worry. He said that “90% of the things that you worry about never happen…The other 10% you can’t do anything about anyway…so why worry?!”

So true. Why worry? There is only so much I can do about who becomes President. Or if Prop 48 passed. Or if Prop C failed. Or that the Cubs beat the Indians in the World Series in dramatic fashion (Speaking of WOW…what a series!). Or….. fill in the blank!!

But I do know what I can control and what I can’t.

I know you can control your work ethic. Your drive. Your dreams…your attitude…what you eat…if you train and workout…what you are reading…who you are surrounding yourself with…what adventure you are including in your life…what you are listening to… who you are learning from… or what you are doing TODAY to help you ultimately fulfill YOUR destiny and purpose tomorrow.

There is one FACT and key ingredient though if you want to be successful in life. I believe that you MUST EMBRACE the GRIND and struggle that life sometimes throws at you.

Embrace the Grind Dose

I hope the video helps you get your mind right. There is NO time to feel sorry for yourself or for the state of affairs in our country or in the world.

I believe with the right attitude and work ethic that we truly can make “America Great Again.” It’s going to take a Herculean effort. But that starts with me. And that starts with you. And that’s what excites me.

Time to get to work. #EmbraceTheGrind

Peace and God bless,


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