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Recovering from Knee Surgery… I’ve got a New Knee!

Yes, I just had knee surgery. You’re probably like “Whattt…I had no idea?”

I know…I’ve been a bit busy trying to “save the gym, save people, and save the world” the last 9-months, just like many of you reading this!

But I had to get it done NOW so I can go into 2021 feeling great.

So thank you for understanding, your well-wishes, and all your messages I’ve been flooded with. Thank YOU!

What happened?

I’ve been bone-on-bone with bad arthritis for several years. But the past 5-months, my left knee has gotten worse and worse and it’s been a living hell. It was simply time to get it done.

So Dr. Jankiewicz (yes, the same doctor who did my right knee two years ago) did the surgery and he said things went very well and that the arthritis, spurs, and bone-on-bone was worse than expected.

So now this new knee gives me TWO BIONIC KNEES!!

Needless to say, I’m feeling tremendously grateful and blessed today. The fact that I had a great surgeon and medical team, that things went so well, and I’m on the other side ready to HEAL up and ATTACK physical therapy & rehab over the next several weeks has me full of gratitude.

Got My Left Knee Partially Replaced on Saturday…
Healing & Recovery has officially Begun!

As a matter of fact, I just made “public” that I was getting surgery LAST WEEK.

There are so many reasons “WHY” I did NOT share it before then and I share those reasons (along with a bunch of other things) in this podcast episode (recorded last week).

Check out “My LAST WORKOUT….Before Knee Surgery” episode to hear my thoughts…and then some!

Life sure has had its twists & turns in 2020, including this one. Be sure to listen to this complete episode from start to finish as it has a “surprise” ending.

I share my deep thoughts during my Last Workout before surgery on operation day. Specifically, I share about:

  • Why I’m getting my left knee replaced now.
  • My mindset going into surgery and how I had to “flip the switch” several times in the last few weeks.
  • My “pre-game” strength routine, including a bit of “Arm-Farm” on the day of surgery.
  • Pre-game final prayer before surgery.
  • Whoops, a HUGE surprise and disappointment, that made me have to “Get My Mind Right” quickly.
  • MINDSET when you just can’t control timing.

I appreciate all your thoughts & prayers, and I dropped some updates over on my Instagram & Facebook over the past few days.

Additionally, I’ll share a few updates on future episodes of my podcast (Todd Durkin IMPACT SHOW) relating to my Recovery, Healing, & Mindset Post-surgery in the upcoming weeks.

2021 is around the corner. I hope you will be as physically & mentally ready as I am to “sprint” into 2021!

Much love…and much lubricant on your knees!


P.S. Shownotes on this podcast episode:

:22 – Big Day
Limping with the Jersey dog and thoughts on upcoming surgery.

2:46 – 50 Years of Gratitude
Gratitude for my left knee has given me almost 50-years.

5:42 – Mindset going into surgery.
Navigating the waters of preparing for surgery.

14:27 – Today, I’m Bangin’ and Clangin’ the iron in the home gym.
Motion is lotion and movement is medicine!

21:25 – Stretching and Breathwork.

24:38 – Final thoughts on the drive down to Coronado.
The importance of your medical team
Dr. Jankiewicz
Physical Therapy

25:46 – You’re not going to believe this…
“Rocky the Robot broke down” and has created a bit of a problem…and now I have to GET MY MIND RIGHT!

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