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Remove the Chains that Bind You (Workout!)

You have probably heard of the saying “Remove any chains that bind you.” Well, today, I’m going to use “chains” to help grind you.

I filmed a Dose from Fitness Quest 10 that included my new swinging pull-up bar—man, this thing is tough!

Take a look/listen and hopefully, this fires you up today.

Remember, sometimes your biggest blessings in life stem from your greatest burdens. If you feel like the chains are holding you down, or keeping you from your greatest goals, instead focus on how they can strengthen you to get there. Break the chain at the weakest link and grow strong in the process. 

Stay STRONG, keep grinding, and use those chains!

Much love and lots of chains!!!



P.S. If you like the video, please share it with your friends and have them sign-up for their weekly “Dose of Durkin.” Remember, it’s free and my way of making sure your Monday gets off to the right start.

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