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Shattered Dreams [MindRight Maniac Series]

I’m soooo excited for today. A bit nervous but WAY more excited. I need to GO DEEP today.

I have been working hard the last few months on how I can do a better job delivering my mission and purpose more effectively to the world. And to YOU.

It’s the mission that gets me up day after day…and keeps me up night after night…

Here is my purpose in life:

That’s what wakes me up.
That’s what fires me up.
That’s what keeps me up.
That’s what I think about when my head hits the pillow and I evaluate my day.

And I’m going ALL-IN. Or shall I say even MORE “ALL-IN.” I realize there is no better time than NOW.

You often hear me talk about how I love to work with my “fire-breathing dragons” and ignite more fire within these passionate souls. I realize YOU are that person. You are what makes me tick.

Whether you are a trainer, coach, teacher, entrepreneur, CEO, attorney, athlete, student, Mom or Dad, or any other professional, you probably desire maximum success and significance. I am 100% with you on this.

I have been calling people who are committed to high-performance, success, and creating significance… “MindRight Maniacs.” Let me explain.

First off, a MindRight Maniac is a good thing.

A MindRight Maniac is an individual who is obsessed with motivation, inspiration, and becoming the best version of themselves. They are committed to making sure their body, MIND, and soul is on fiyaa and doing what it takes to create even more success and significance.

Additionally, a MindRight Maniac is committed to spreading positivity, energy, and light across the globe to create more positive IMPACT in the universe. Period.

A MindRight Maniac is committed to “Getting YOUR Mind Right” on a daily basis. It’s not just something I’ve been just saying for 10+ years. It’s something I’ve been living for over a decade. And now I want to help you achieve even more success and create more impact.

So I’m upping my game.

Perhaps you have seen me UP my social media game lately. Yep. I’m committed to “Getting Your Mind Right” even more on social. Instagram, Facebook, FB LIVE, YouTube, IG Live & IGTV.

Perhaps you have seen me writing more. Yep. I know the WORDS you read are imperative to GETTING YOUR MIND RIGHT.

Perhaps you have seen me doing more videos. Yep. I know what you SEE and LISTEN to imprints in your brain and helps you to GET YOUR MIND RIGHT.

Perhaps you have seen me traveling more and presenting more. Yep. There is NOTHING like a live event. Keep your eyes peeled for even MORE live events coming up. They will definitely GET YOUR MIND RIGHT!

And the BEST NEWS of all today is that I’m launching a brand-new weekly series called “MindRight Maniac.” This will be a real-life in-depth series produced by me to motivate, inspire, and IMPACT you like nothing else I do on a regular basis. And it is guaranteed to “GET YOUR MIND RIGHT.”

“MindRight Maniac” episode 1 launches TODAY!!! And what better place to start with episode 1 than at IDEA World held just 4-weeks ago right here in my hometown of San Diego, CA…

Let’s go to Episode 1 of “MindRight Maniac” now and then let me know what you think…

WOW. I have been stewing for weeks to share with you what I’ve been up to. I know the MINDRIGHT MANIAC series is going to fire-you up. And deliver some great content. And GET YOUR MIND RIGHT.

My new MindRight Maniac Series will do a few more things also…

  • Motivate & Inspire YOU to take ACTION. All high-performers are action-takers. This show will inspire you to take ACTION on what YOU need to for your life.
  • See Best-practices of high-performers. Thoroughbreds like hanging out with thoroughbreds. They don’t like hanging out with donkeys. MindRight Maniacs are obsessed with high-performance and doing what it takes to be as successful & significant as possible. These episodes will reveal all of that.
  • Provide “Behind-the-Scenes” footage. The show will give you exclusive behind-the-scenes action of everything I am doing to personally push to a new level of high-performance. I don’t want to get to a new level and then share what I did. I want to take you there WITH me. The good, the bad, and the ugly. The victories and the defeats. All of it. You will see/hear what I’m thinking. How I’m preparing. And what a MindRight Maniac does on a regular basis to create success.
  • Smack Fear in the Face and Dominate Your Life. Let’s face it—there is FEAR in everyone’s life. Mine too. Including starting and revealing this “deeper” part of me. But I realize if you are going to dominate your life, you are going to need to smack fear in the face and RISE UP. And this show is designed to do that…and I am committed to making it happen.

Thank YOU for what you do. And whether you resonate with being a “MindRight Maniac” or not, I promise you that if you follow the show and begin to step up your best-practices, you will do a few things….


And to me, that is IMPACT!!!

Love you,


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