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Shaun White, An Embarrassing Story, and Creating a Brand for Legacy

Many moons ago, I had the opportunity to train Shaun White. Yes, that Shaun White. The Olympic and X-Games Gold medalist. The snowboarder, skater, surfer, and media mogul who has created an amazing brand for himself.

Well, today’s guest on my IMPACT SHOW is…Sean Lake.

Wait. What?

Haha. Got you. Actually, Sean Lake was Shaun White’s business manager for a while before I trained him, and we share some pretty funny stories. One of the ones I share is completely embarrassing, and I’ve never shared it publicly before. But I had to share it with you on the podcast.

Listen in to hear today’s entire episode that starts with this crazy story NOW…

While the podcast today starts with the funny story of Shaun White, the SHOW itself is actually one that is quite inspirational.

It’s about a guy (Sean Lake) who founded a nutrition company called “BUBS,” in honor of his fallen best friend, Navy Seal Glen “BUB” Doherty. “BUB” was killed in Benghazi, Libya, on September 11, 2012.

Since the start of the business 4-years ago, “BUBS” has seen meteoric growth and has changed thousands of people’s lives. And to think that the brand was born from a tragedy and that 10% of all proceeds go back to charity makes the story even more special.


In today’s episode Sean shares:

  • How he became Shaun White’s manager. Todd also shares how he trained Shaun White a long time ago and wait until you hear a crazy story.
  • Dropping out of college with Glen to chase the dream.
  • 9/12, 2012 …the call about Glen’s death.
  • The sense of duty to protect Glen’s legacy.
  • The 30-day challenge that changed my life.
  • Fit at 50; Sean’s 7 day a week routine.
  • The growth of BUBS Naturals and why it has done so well.
  • The importance of giving back. 10% of all proceeds go to charity.

This week’s episode is going to make you laugh.
It’s going to make you think deep.
It’s going to certainly feel a significant amount of gratitude.
It’s going to help you align your passions & your purpose.
And it’s going to LIGHT A FIRE WITHIN YOU to do something special with your life.

Oh, and it’s even going to help your health, wellness, & fitness also!

Enjoy the show and let’s crush the day!

Much love…and lots of IMPACT,


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In this week’s episode, I talk about the “30-Day Challenge” and challenge you to 30-days straight of taking collagen protein & MCT Oil Powder, along with taking immaculate care of your health, fitness, and mindset. Listen to the complete episode for all details…

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