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I Was SOOO Scared Opening My Business! by Todd Durkin

15 years ago TODAY (January 2nd, 2000), I was scared as heck. And that’s putting it mildly.

I was just about to open my gym, Fitness Quest 10 and I was SOOOOO scared.

I had zero clients. No money. No business plan. Refurbished equipment. Carpet for flooring. 2,000 square feet of space. And I was a one-man show.

Did I say that I had NO CLIENTS?

And for refurbished equipment, I had (in this order) the following:
Leg press
Bench press
Smith machine
Lat Pulldown
45 degree Hyperextension machine

I had no Swiss Balls, Bosus, heavy ropes, or kettlebells. They weren’t “popular” then. Heck, some of them didn’t even exist!

I had a really cool (little) boom box that I could play cassette tapes (loved the Rocky IV cassette!) and these new things called CD’s that had just come out. I was cutting edge!

I had a curtain separating our “personal training” area from our “Pilates” & “yoga” area. It was Spartan at best.

But let me tell you what…I had passion, I had heart, and I had the desire to help a lot of people.

I just needed some people to help. In other words, I needed some CLIENTS!

A lot has changed in 15 years. But a lot has remained the same also.

3 expansions. New equipment. Hiring staff. Firing staff. Valued teammates. Great clients. Valued relationships. Philanthropic efforts. Sponsors and vendors that I genuinely and authentically believe in and love. Systems galore.

Books written. Coaching programs created. Keynotes. Breakout sessions. Conferences. Speaking engagements. Lots of flights. Lots of travel. Awards and recognition. MVP’s. Super Bowls. All-Stars. Peewees. Little Leagues. Pros. Kids. Grandmas & grandpas. People of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds.

I got married (2001). And 14 years later, I’m still married. To the same person (Love you Melanie!).
3 kids have been born (Luke, Brady, McKenna).
I lost my 15 year-old Golden Retriever Sid 1.5 years ago, who used to come to work with me everyday.
And we just got a new Golden Retriever (Jersey) 2 weeks ago and he will be a new fixture once he matures beyond his 9 weeks old!
Coaching kids events. Wins. Losses. Ties.

There have been many celebrations, victories, and moments of triumph.

And there have been extremely tough times. With dear friends and clients passing away. Of many different causes.

Tears have been shed. Smiles have been shared. Lives IMPACTED forever.

And one thing has always been constant since January 2, 2000.

I’m just as in love with helping people today as I was 15 years ago.

And I have many people to THANK.

  • THANK YOU to all the clients who have EVER given me the opportunity to work with you…on ANY level!
  • THANK YOU to all my teammates (38 current & dozens of past ones) who have ever blessed me with your presence. Whether we worked together for one month, one year, 10 years, or 15 years, thank you for serving the mission admirably. Paths don’t cross by chance and I’m grateful to always share the trenches with a fellow passionate coach, trainer, massage therapist, or dedicated health & fitness professional!
  • THANK YOU to ALL the trainers and coaches who have EVER sat through any one of my workshops, talks, or events at a conference or event. Without you, I would not get to do what I love to do and I always love connecting with fellow passionate souls that are fired-up to change the world.
  • THANK YOU to any business, colleague, vendor, sponsor, or relationship that believed in me enough to help represent their brand as well as mine. I know it takes 10+years to build a world-class brand. And I know that can be destroyed in a day. I treasure the opportunity to help represent other world-class brands as well as my own!
  • THANK YOU to all who have helped me become WHO I am today.

15 years later as I sit and reflect upon the past and the present, there is only word that comes to mind: GRATITUDE. Tons and tons of GRATITUDE.

Fitness Quest 10 is 15 today. And I am so grateful for all it represents.

I simply want to say ONE THING today: THANK YOU to ALL who have EVER been touched by Fitness Quest 10, in one way, shape, form or other. I am extremely grateful for what I do and if it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t be able to live my life’s purpose. Thank you!

Much gratitude…and much IMPACT!!!


P.S. FREE, 15-Year Anniversary Workout this Sunday, January 4th at Fitness Quest 10
If you are in the San Diego area and would like to come by and celebrate with us, we have a special 15 Year Anniversary workout party that I will be leading this Sunday AM, January 4th at 9 am. It’s going to be a crazy, nutty, FUN 60 minute eclectic session for ALL levels. It will infuse strength, cardio, core, flexibility, mediation & motivation!!!

My wife Melanie & I will be team-teaching the class and invite you to come out and enjoy our “Anniversary Workout.” Or just come by at 10 am and enjoy the food, drink, special prizes we are giving away…along with some great connect time. I especially want to invite those folks that were part of Fitness Quest 10 many many years ago in the beginning. If nothing else, I would love to say THANK YOU and give you a big hug. Gratitude!

P.P.S. And please feel free to bring a friend or family member with you. This is a FREE workout and will be a ton of fun…


Todd Durkin is an internationally-recognized performance trainer, speaker, and author. He is the Lead Training Advisor for Under Armour and presents motivational and educational talks worldwide to a wide-array of audiences.

Todd recently created a FREE program called, where he delivers short motivational & inspirational messages directly to your phone/email every Monday AM at 6 am to help you get your mind right. Opt-in today and start receiving your weekly DOSE.

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