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Speechless at Ground Zero

I was in NYC a few days ago and did something I had not yet done; I went down to Ground Zero and visited the 911 Memorial.

On the subway going there, I was anxious to see the Memorial they created to remember that fateful day when the World Trade Center went down and 2,996  people lost their lives and thousands more injured. I had heard amazing things about the Memorial and museum but I had not been down to that spot since I was a kid when the Twin Towers actually still existed.

As I walked down the block approaching Ground Zero, my stomach got in a knot. It stirred with many different emotions. I knew it would be emotional. But I didn’t realize it would take my breath away. And literally leave me speechless.

Folks, I haven’t been speechless too many times. This was one of them.

I went down there initially to spend 10-15 minutes seeing the Memorial and paying my respects. I ended up staying over 2-hours. It is that powerful.

I shot a quick Dose of Durkin from Ground Zero to simply share some raw emotions with you… and share 3 specific takeaways. Take a listen…

ground zero
Todd at Ground Zero / 911 Memorial in NYC


When I left Ground Zero, I stood tall and felt proud to be an American. It also reminded me of the fight that we are all in. Wherever you live around the world. Light vs. darkness. Good vs. evil.

My friends, as I left the site and headed back uptown, I got a little extra bounce in my step and felt an even deeper sense of purpose of what I fight for…and what YOU fight for.

Today and this week, take a moment and reflect on all the people WHO are in your life. And give gratitude for them. And be sure to express gratitude to them.

And when you’re ready, put on your armor, get an extra bounce in your step, and let’s fight like mad to spread positivity, light, and energy to a world that desperately needs it. #IWILL

Much love and much GRATITUDE.




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