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Speed Up or Slow Down?

Four years of service in the United States Army, a deployment to Iraq, and now a volunteer firefighter who has given her life to serving our first responders in New York City at FDNY, makes Sarah Apgar’s interview on today’s podcast a special one. Sarah is the founder of FitFighter Training and a previous All American Rugby Player at Princeton University and a US Women’s Atlantis 7s Team Rugby Player. If there is anything Sarah knows– it’s physical and mental strength. 

In this episode, Sara challenges you to see where true strength comes from focus, your ability to slow down the pace of life, a heart of service, and your mental health. Sarah is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to what true strength really is, and how to get the best out of anyone you work with. Whether you are an athlete, soldier, coach, parent, firefighter or first-responder, or anyone who desires the best out of life, you’re going to love this episode.

More on this episode:

4:55 – Find Your Focus
Our tendency is to increase our energy level and raise up our spirit, sometimes you need just the opposite. Deflate your energy, lower your heart rate to find focus and fortitude. 

6:36 – Good Players Can Speed a Game Up but Great Ones Can Slow it Down
Don’t buy into the chaos. How to think right no matter the circumstance…

8:30 – Not All Strength is Brute Force
It can be about the desire to serve. 

9:57 – Physical Health and Mental Health
The power of a moment of silence.

For more information on Sara Apgar and her FitFighter Training System:

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