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SportsForce advice on How to Maximize Your College Recruiting Exposure Part II

The GAME has changed! The fact is, the college recruiting process has changed dramatically over the last 10 years and understanding how to play the game that is the recruiting process is extremely important.

The college recruiting process is often misunderstood by many parents, student-athletes, coaches, and fans. Are you a parent of a high school student-athlete who is asking yourself “How do I maximize my son or daughters’ recruiting exposure to college coaches?” If so, you are not alone. This is a very common issue across the country that we, at SportsForce, often help student-athletes and families proactively address.

In this article you will learn how to introduce yourself to a college coach, what type of recruiting events to consider, and how video and the Internet are radically changing the recruiting process.

Step 4: Get Evaluation In-Person: Target Key Recruiting Events

–         Identify key recruiting tournaments that some of your target colleges will attend

–         Email coaches your online profile link, team name, schedule, and jersey # before the showcase to make sure you are evaluated

–         Attend college camps for specific exposure to that college’s program

Step 5: Get Quality Video, Online Profile, & Share

–         College coaches don’t have the time to see every player so video is key

–         Create a custom highlight video to showcase your skills (3 – 5 min. long)

–         Create an online profile with your athletic, academic, and recruiting information

Some example SportsForce profiles below:

–         Girls Lacrosse:

–         Softball:

–         Soccer:

Here is an example profile and highlight video of one of our senior clients, Nick Melka, who recently committed to Columbia University to play football.  Nick and his family were proactive in the process and were able to maximize his exposure and generate significant interest from many of his top college choices.  Here’s a link to Nick’s profile–http:/

To get more advanced recruiting tips, strategies, and advice, Click on the website below and sign up for our FREE complimentary SportsForce College Recruiting Guide.

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SportsForce advice on How to Maximize Your College Recruiting Exposure Part II

By Andrew Beinbrink – CEO of SportsForce –

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