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Start-up Mentality to 100 Million Dollar Company

Randy Hetrick is a former Navy Seal who founded TRX Training & turned it into a 100-Million Dollar brand. We go deep on today’s episode on how the principles of being a Navy Seal helped fuel TRX’s success during the pandemic. Why he recently launched a spin-off fitness app called OUTFIT Training. Along with his fitness industry predictions and trends for the industry and what brings him the most joy & happiness these days.

In full disclosure, Randy is one of my closest friends and confidants, and I think you will hear that in the banter between us. Heck, we ended up talking family, fitness, business, and even politics. 

Specifically, this is what we cover in today’s episode:

  • The challenges TRX faced during Covid, what they did to capitalize on the opportunities Covid offered, and what is working well now.
  • The new OutFit Training, a mobile, outdoor group-fitness franchise that just launched but will be national soon.
  • Randy’s predictions on the future of fitness.
  • His feelings on the Afghanistan situation and how he would lead the country if he were in charge. 
  • Lessons learned as a Navy Seal that carry over in life now.
  • Randy goes deep on what he does now regularly to have more clarity.
  • Randy shares the hardest thing he does.
  • What brings Randy the most joy and happiness these days.

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More on the episode:

2:23 – The back story of meeting Randy Hetrick.
February 2006 – I bought my first TRX.

4:43 – Welcome to my new family member BUBS Naturals.
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8:40 – Randy shares what he has been up to and the challenges & opportunities of TRX during Covid.

13:00 – What vertical within TRX has gone well in the last year and a half?
I leaned hard on digital delivery—consumer business.

17:13 – The new spin-off OutFit Training… how it all started.
Outdoor group fitness delivered in a tricked-out Ford F350.

35:40 – The Franchise model for OutFit Training and why one should partner with OutFit Training.
Business in a box with all the systems and support –

41:36 – If you were to wave a magic wand, what would you say the future is for the fitness model?
The menu has gotten broader on options for people.

45:09 – As a Navy Seal, talk about the situation over in Afghanistan. 
Deep conversation, we need an Uniter!

59:41 – Lessons learned as a Navy Seal to overcome adversity.
No plan survives the first contact. Compartmentalize fear and anxiety. Focus on the things you can control and acknowledge you can’t control everything.

1:07:16 – Randy shares what he regularly does to help keep clear.
When you’re lost, don’t just charge forward; stop and find the point where you felt safe & reset. The process of building makes me happy.

1:12:53 – What is the hardest thing that you do?
Dealing with the ambiguity of the outcomes, hard and inspiring.

1:17:09 – Where are you finding the most Joy?
Personally – My Boys. Professionally – Building a new company again.

1:21:16 – Todd shares what brings him Joy.
Kids and coaching.

1:28:56 – Randy Breaks us down.
Never, Never, Never Give Up!

About Randy Hetrick:

​​Randy Hetrick is the creator of Suspension Training®–the innovative approach to physical conditioning that became a global fitness phenomenon–and is the founder of TRX, the world’s leading training brand. Over the past three decades, Randy built a record of unique accomplishments including collegiate athlete, 14-year Navy SEAL Officer, bootstrap entrepreneur, multi-patented inventor, and growth company CEO whose company earned multiple placements on the rosters of the Inc. 500 Fastest Growing Companies and Outside Magazine Best Places to Work. He earned a bachelor’s from the University of Southern California; a master’s from the Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey; and an MBA from Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business, where he is a contributing lecturer on entrepreneurship, branding and leadership.

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IG/FB/Twitter- @RandyHetrick @TrxTraining @OutfitTraining

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