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Starting Your Business From Scratch

I was on the treadmill the other day at Fitness Quest 10 when one of our newest members approached me about starting her new business. She asked if I could give her some advice and share some of my lessons when starting my business. I said, “Absolutely. As long as we can do it on the IMPACT Podcast.”

So here it is. This episode dispenses my best advice from infusing authenticity, overcoming mental blocks, hiring, dealing with mistakes, building a culture, growing & scaling, and finally… where to even START. Bring a pen and paper because this episode is JAM-PACKED with gold and I am fired-up to help you get your business off the ground and running successfully. Lace-up your bootstraps, apply these principles, and LET’S GO!!

More on the Episode:

3:27- Meet Naturopathic Doctor, Carleigh Golightly

8:43- Authenticity In Business

10:43- My Mental Blocks In The Early Years
“Do I deserve success?” “Can I afford…”

12:56- The Non-Negotiable Attributes When Hiring A Team Member
Character, personal story, and the “IT” factor…

15:56- Correct Your Mistakes

16:44- Lessons From My Rough Patches In My Business
Recessions, team chemistry, and risky opportunities.

20:47- Time… off?
Adopting a realistic mindset and also taking care of yourself.

26:14- Developing A Strong Presence In Your Community & Industry
Show up.

29:26- What Has Made Me Stand Out
Mastering my craft in being a great coach.

30:54- Why You Have To Align Your Business With Your Purpose

31:14- For Anyone Who Wants To Separate Yourself From The Masses
Be bolder. Be real. Attract the people you are supposed to serve.

33:00- The Bottom Line: You’re In A PEOPLE Business

36:36- Scaling Your Business: Starting With The Future In Mind
Be strategic & stay in tune with your avatar.

41:02- What To Invest In To Start?
The look & feel.

44:11- 50% Of The Game… Marketing.
Yes, market your services– but FIRST…

51:09- The 5 X 5 System
Speak, text, write, invite, attend.

53:14- Final Words Of Motivation From TD

Thank you Dr. Carleigh Golightly for being a guest on the IMPACT Show!
She can be contacted on IG & FB: @holiticfitdoc or website at

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