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Stop Yelling At Your Kids!


Does anyone know those parents at a youth sports practice or game who are constantly yelling at the ref, the coach…or even their own kids? Sad but true, it exists way more today than it should on the sidelines of our youth sports.

And it’s killing our kids. Literally. Their passion. Their joy. And their overall performance.

Listen, little “Johnny” or “Mary” want to do well. And they don’t want to let you down. But the last thing they need to hear is you chirping at them from the sideline. Or berating them in the car after the game.

There are things you SHOULD DO… and there are things you SHOULD NOT DO.

Here is one thing you should DO…

Sign-up for the #SayNothingChallenge I’m part of!!

In order to combat what I will call a major “parenting flaw,” my good friend and leading youth sports coach, Andrew Simpson is doing a #SayNothingChallenge for the month of May.

Andrew is one of the top youth strength & conditioning coaches in the country, bar none, and has done a tremendous job training kids from 8-18 years of age. Best of all, Andrew trains the “whole” athlete from the inside/out. 

In this #SayNothingChallenge, Andrew gives you guidelines on what you should & should NOT do as parents & coaches to actually build the confidence, joy, and performance of your athlete, instead of actually crushing him or her.

If you are a parent or coach, please sign up for the Challenge today. It’s absolutely FREE. There are NO strings attached. You will receive the guidelines that will actually help you be a BETTER coach…and a BETTER parent.

Furthermore, if you have friends who are parents of young athletes, please forward them this email or have them share the FB POST I made yesterday so they can sign-up also.

And if by chance you know any of the “yellers & screamers” (I know that’s NOT you!), please be sure to tag them in your FB post. And just tell them “TD said to tag all the people who want to GET THEIR MIND RIGHT!!!” in the post!! 🙂

Parenting is the hardest thing I do. You can probably relate if you have young kids. We want nothing but the best for our kids. But sometimes our best intentions can actually be a detriment to our kids passion for the game, confidence and self-esteem in themselves, and their overall performance in how they place.

Be part of the movement today. #IAm

Sit back and enjoy your kid’s practices and games. Be part of the #NoTalkChallenge. Your kids will THANK YOU for it!

Much love… and a lot less talking! Shhhhhh….


P.S. 3 Things 98% of Parents Do That KILL Their Kids Confidence

When you sign-up for the 2-week #SayNothingChallenge, you will also immediately receive Andrew’s “3 Things 98% of Parents Do That KILL Their Kids Confidence.”

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