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Success vs. Significance | IMPACT Q&A

Do you seek more success in your life? Do you aspire to reach even greater levels of influence and impact? In today’s Q&A episode, I answer two great questions that deal with how to maximize your success and your significance. Ryan Morse (Crucible Performance) asks what I would recommend to garner the biggest jumps in revenue & business, as well as my top tips and recommendations on success. 

Additionally, Janine Loehr (Embrace Fitness), asks about my “IMPACT” statement and what I want to leave behind on this earth someday. If you are wanting to create more success and significance in your life, this episode is for you.

More on the Episode:

Question #1 from Ryan Morse, Crucible Performance (Frederick, MD)

“Thanks for the opportunity to ask these questions. 2 Questions for you…

After sitting down and thinking about what success means to me, I feel my definition has evolved ever since my daughter was born. I look into the future and I want to have the freedom (time, energy, financial) to be able to “never” miss a game, recital, etc. Being that she is 6 months old, I am looking for 7 years down the road and wanting to make this a reality.

Part 1
Knowing what you know now, what would you have started sooner in your career or what systems should I be implementing now to allow myself the best chance at creating this kind of future.

Part 2
This piggybacks off the first with helping me achieve my goals for success.

We are in year 3 of business and are aiming to be a million-dollar business within the next couple of years. If it is up to me, I am aiming for next year… Why not!?

As you look back at your business growth, what were the systems, processes or decisions that you made that garnered your biggest jumps in revenue/business?”

0:37 – Success vs. Significance
External approval vs. Making an IMPACT on people’s lives. Which one are you aiming for?

3:25 – The Myth Of Balance

4:55 – Keep Your Mind Where Your Feet Are 
This may require sacrifice.

5:47 – Strategize About Your Future
What is it that you want? Build your schedule and time around that.

7:00 – Taking Bigger Risks
“The biggest jumps in revenue actually came right after sometimes taking temporarily revenue dips.”

8:33 – What Defines Your Success Or Significance?
Money is energy– it’s what you DO with it that matters.

9:22 – Show Up
90% of the battle is showing up when you don’t feel like it.

Question #2 by Janine Loehr, Embrace Fitness (Snoqualmie, WA)

“Life is about learning from our own experiences, challenges, and successes, as well as from others such as mentors, coaches, leaders, friends, and family. 

If you had to leave the world with only ONE key phrase that sums things up as you see it for each of these areas- business, leadership, training, marketing/branding, and faith… 

What would you leave?”

11:17 – Tombstomb Statement
I.M.P.A.C.T. Man (Go back to episode 1 and 2 to learn more about IMPACT) 

I – Live inspired
M – Master your craft
P – Play at world-class
A – Take Action
C – Condition for Greatness
T – Tenacity

14:26 – What Is YOUR One Key Phrase?
Hit me up on SM @ToddDurkin and let me know

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