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Summer Family Challenges

Summer Family Challenges!

Bring the week’s challenge in completed and signed by family members on Fridays and receive 5 Champion Chip points!

Week 1:  Exercise Challenge

By the end of the week, your family has to complete a total (added together) of:

  1. 100 jumping jacks
  2. 100 push-ups
  3. 100 sit ups or crunches
  4. 100 burpies


Week 2:  Team Dinner (No Microwave)

This week, your family challenge is to choose a recipe and everyone has to make some part of the meal.  No microwave allowed!


Week 3: Thanks!

This week, every member of your family gets to make a list of 20 things they are thankful for.  You can write these down and put them on your refrigerator.


Week 4:  Lock Out

This week, the entire family has to be “locked out” of the house for 2 hours.  You can go on a bike ride, go to the park, play a game, or do anything outside.  Team sports games and practices don’t count!


Week 5: Exercise Challenge 2

By the end of the week, your family has to create a total (added together) of:

  1. 50 Burpies
  2. 5 Minutes of planking
  3. 100 Mountain Climbers
  4. 10 Minutes of Wall Sits


Week 6:  Veggies for all

This week, every member of the family gets to pick out 2 unique vegetables from the store.  Everyone has to sample all the vegetables during the course of the week.


Week 7:  The Good Day

Every family member has to chose a day and write down 10 good things that happened to them that day.  (It can be the same day for everyone)

Week 8:  The Black Out

Chose a day of the week and no T.V.’s, Mobile devices, video games, or any other entertainment electronics can be used (Kids after school, Mom and Dad after work and before kids go to bed)


Week 9:  Exercise Challenge 3

  1. 100 Push-Ups
  2. 20 minutes of jogging, bike riding, or any other constant activity
  3. 100 Sit Ups or Crunches
  4. 100 Jumping Jacks


Week 10: Whole Food

This week, the family choses a day and everyone must only eat real, whole food from breakfast until dinner.  What is real whole food?  The ingredients list should only list that food, nothing else.  Seasonings are ok, as long as they consist of only 1 ingredient as well.


Week 11: Goals

This week, everyone in the family has to list 3 goals they plan on accomplishing in the next 30 days.


Week 12: Obstacle Course

This week, each member of the family has to come up with a station in either a neighborhood, or house-based obstacle course.  At some point, the entire family has to go through the course.

Family Challenges – Download the Family Challenges as  PDF

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