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Surprise Visit to a Friend’s Gym!

I recently went on vacation to Santa Barbara with my family. And one of the things I LOVE to do on vacation is work out.

Another thing I like to do is visit gyms in the area and check out the local action.

Especially if it’s someone who has been through my Mentorship program or who is in my Mastermind.

So that’s what I did.

I dropped in for a #SurpriseGymVisit on Jenny Schatzle and her Jenny Schatzle Program in Santa Barbara.

The reaction I got from her and her team when I showed up was just awesome. They made me feel so welcome and special.

And then she addressed her class right before starting and said the nicest things.

My son Brady caught part of what she said on tape…check out the message now!!!

As you can tell with Jenny, PASSION and ENERGY is everything. And this girl has overcome much adversity in her life and is now creating massive IMPACT.


I love her “Don’t just change your body…change your LIFE” mantra. It’s something she and her team and community take seriously.

My friends, I love to travel and I love to seek out old and new friends. And visit gyms.

Be on alert, I have a lot of travel coming up and I may pop into a gym near you for a #SurpriseGymVisit.

What do you think?

Create a great week. And don’t just change your body…change your LIFE!!

Much love,


P.S. Jenny was 8-months pregnant when I popped in to surprise her. I thought she was going to have her baby that day!

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