UFC Fighter Mike Chandler – “See You at the Top”

This episode is going to knock you out. Literally. I have UFC Lightweight World-Champion contender Mike Chandler in the house today talking all things IMPACT.  Specifically, we discuss: Why the jump from the face of Bellator to the unknown of the UFC. Mike’s eloquent victory speech after knocking out Dan Hooker in 2:30 of the […]

Underdog to 3x World Champ! Meet Michael Chandler

I love studying the champions. I love studying people who are the best in the world at what they do. I want to know how they train, how they eat, how they think, what they do, and every darned habit to help them be the best in the world. After all, success leaves clues. Meet […]

Have You Ever Been Knocked Down or Out?

Sometimes you win in life. And sometimes you lose. And it sucks when you lose. No-one likes it. I don’t like it. And you probably don’t like it either. Especially when you work your tail off for something for weeks, months, or years for and it doesn’t work out the way you envision. My man […]