The Wealth Money Can’t Buy with Robin Sharma | Ep. 353

When my podcast started in 2018, I had a Top “10” list of guests I wanted on the IMPACT SHOW. And one of the people on that list was Robin Sharma. He was actually in my TOP 5. Six (6) years later, he is making his debut on the podcast and I must say it’s […]

We are in a Crisis of Belief | Ep. 351

One of my favorite things I get to do a couple times a year is to share at chapel service for Pastor David Jeremiah at Christian Unified Schools in El Cajon, CA. I’m always honored to speak to the students and love connecting with them. Recently, not only did I have the opportunity to speak […]

Meet one of my Best Friends & Personal Life-Advisors | Ep. 347 with Tom Dexter

Meet Tom Dexter. We go back 35-years ago to my freshman year in college. We played college football together, we were both captains, we are both from NJ, and in some ways have had similar paths with children and family. Tom spent the first 30-years of his illustrious financial-services career as a wealth-advisor with some […]

5 Strategies To Help You Get To The Next Level | Ep. 349

There is one thing in common amongst all IMPACT SHOW podcast listeners… we are all on a quest for greatness and maximum success & significance. That is called IMPACT. And the way to do that is the continual seeking of your ‘next level’ and ‘best-self.’ And that’s what today’s IMPACT SHOW episode is all about. […]

Poor, Pain, & Purpose | Ep. 348 with Todd Durkin & Tom Dexter (Part 2)

We are flippin’ the script today where Coach Tom Dexter interviews Todd on the podcast. Yes, Todd is a guest on his very own show. This is “60-minutes” of absolute juice that goes into all aspects of life…literally. This includes the good, the bad, and the ugly.  Some of the specific topics that Todd & […]

Spittin-Fire: Soul-Singing Time from the Mountains | Ep. 344

There’s nothing that makes my soul-sing more than being in the mountains, getting some great “mellow-yellow” and “blue-sky” time, getting some adventure in the morning, and talking shop with some of the most successful entrepreneurs & amazing souls on the planet in the afternoon. Well, you’re going to feel today’s episode as it’s 20:20 seconds […]

Trust, Belief, & An IMPACT Book that Almost Never Happened | Ep. 345

I believe we all have ONE book in us. It might NOT be right now but everyone has a “Life worth telling a story about.” Well, The IMPACT Body Plan is my first book and it came out back in 2010…and it almost never happened. Truth. Six weeks before going to print (and AFTER I […]