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Who is the most iconic fitness figure of ALL-TIME?

Guess where I’m heading right now?  

Hint: It’s to the home of one of the most iconic persons of ALL-TIME in the fitness industry! He’s been one of my heroes for a long time, I received a big award in his name in 2017, and I’m heading to see his vibrant 98-year old wife Elaine today. 

Any guesses?

Yes, I’m talking about the one and only Jack LaLanne, the godfather of fitness. Not sure you know this but there is a movie being made about Jack’s legendary life later this year and rumor has it that Mark Wahlberg will be playing Jack. Hmmm….hmmm.

If something was to happen to Mark, well, you just never know who might make his silver-screen debut. Haha. 

Needless to say, I’m heading up the 405 now to central California and I’m pumped to see Elaine, Greg Justice, and some other folks from the fitness industry. 

Additionally, I have my son Brady with me, who is home from college (High Point U) and it’s giving us a great chance to connect and converse DEEP on this 6-hour drive up the coast. 

Why do I share? Because I’m pumped-up!  

I’m pumped for many things…including talking shop with Elaine, spending time with Brady, and getting caught up on all that is to BE in the near future. 

I must say, I’m finding a lot of solitude in driving up the coast with Brady. While it’s never fun to drive through Los Angeles, it’s absolutely gorgeous to drive through towns like Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, and the many small towns of central CA. With the beautiful Pacific Ocean off to the left with little seaside towns nestled into the shoreline and the “rolling hills and country-side” off to the right, there’s a certain level of peace and tranquility in the quiet drive up the coast. And to share it with my 19-year old son makes it even more special. 

Loving Driving up the Coast with my son Brady

A few things to remember/think about as I’m experiencing pure gratitude as I write this from a coffee shop overlooking the beautiful blue Pacific Ocean (and as Brady is catching-up on his Social Media):

  1. Take a drive this weekend to one of your favorite places in your area. It doesn’t need to be a 6-hour drive. Even a 1-2 hour drive can do wonders for your soul. 
  2. Engage in a great conversation with your “guest” in the car. It sure is great to have Brady with me on this trip! Who is that person for you?
  3. Put on one of your favorite podcast shows on as you’re on your drive and LISTEN. Even if you are with a loved-one, it’s fun to listen and “share” a good message and then discuss it.
  4. SLOW down your speed while driving…NO RUSH! There’s othing wrong with getting in the right lane and just “cruisin’.” Even if you are going to be on the road for 10-12 hours over 3-days.
  5. Play “Landslide” and SMILE. There are always those songs that just make your soul sing and bring it out of you. Fleetwood Mac’s signature hit always does it for me!

Life is good my friends. So much to be grateful for. YOU are one of them. Have a great weekend and I hope you get a chance to let your soul sing also.

Much love,



P.S. #1. My “State of the Union” podcast episode THIS Monday!! 

Whaaatt? Yep. On the week BEFORE the biggest news of my fitness career, I need to share with you my “State of the Union.”  Woahh!!!


P.S. #2. Happy Mother’s Day to all of our MOM’s out there!

Happy Mother’s Day!! If you are a Mom, I want to wish an early Happy Mother’s Day and say THANK YOU for all you do. 

Pics with Momma Durkin & Melanie Durkin 

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