Melanie Durkin on the Hotseat | Ep. 364 [TRUE STRENGTH Series; Part 2]

And so it continues. Last week, Melanie interviewed Todd on TRUE STRENGTH. And it went DEEP. And we had a record number of feedback and comments on the book and the podcast episode. Thank you. This week, Melanie is back in the podcast house but we are reversing roles. Todd is asking Melanie the tough […]

A Special Trip & Interview with 98-Year Old Elaine LaLanne | Ep. 362

Buckle-up boys & girls…it’s about to get real. My TRUE STRENGTH book comes out this week (Tuesday) and today we have my lovely bride Melanie in the house to discuss a ton of “behind-the-scenes” content with you on the book. It’s always special to have her in the “podcast house.” On today’s episode, she interviews […]

A Special Trip & Interview with 98-Year Old Elaine LaLanne | Ep. 362

You talk about icons and heroes! I recently had the incredible opportunity to go to Elaine LaLanne’s home (for a 2nd time!) in Central CA. Elaine is the 98-year old wife of the late Jack LaLanne, who serves as the iconic godfather of the fitness craze starting in the 1940’s. Literally. There is a movie […]

Q&A interview with Todd Durkin | Ep. 361 (Part 3 of THE ANNOUNCEMENT Series)

It’s about to get deep. Todd was recently interviewed by Coach360 News CEO Kathleen Ferguson on all things IMPACT-X Performance and LIFE. Todd shares WHY he’s doing what he’s doing, his vision and intention for what IXP is going to do nationwide, and how he’s handling all that’s going on. This is a soul-bearing episode […]

Who is the most iconic fitness figure of ALL-TIME?

Guess where I’m heading right now?   Hint: It’s to the home of one of the most iconic persons of ALL-TIME in the fitness industry! He’s been one of my heroes for a long time, I received a big award in his name in 2017, and I’m heading to see his vibrant 98-year old wife Elaine […]