Clean-Cut Nutrition for a Healthy Living

It’s time for some nutrition talk. Stress is high, we need to boost immunity, and it’s time for a physical and energetic-reset. Therefore, I brought in 2 of my nutritionist friends, Lori Sawyer & Caren Boscaino, to talk about all things nutrition. They are both moms, busy entrepreneurs, fitness pros, and nutritionists who “get it” […]

The Struggle is Real – WIN the Day! | IMPACT Q&A

6 Ways to get your mojo back | Impact q&a

Do you ever wonder when enough is enough? The fight, the struggle, the constant battle needed to win in business and life. Today’s Q&A episode asks if I ever experience overwhelm or get down about things. While the answer is “yes,” the key is not staying down and quickly getting my mind right. We don’t […]

Tony Gwynn Jr…Growing Up in An Iconic Baseball Family

You are in for a real treat this morning. If you follow the game of baseball, you know the game Tony Gwynn. Tony Gwynn Sr. is one of the best MLB players of all-time, a Hall-of-Famer, and he’s known appropriately as “Mr. Padre” as he spent his entire 20-year career with one team, the San […]