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Tony Gwynn Jr…Growing Up in An Iconic Baseball Family

You are in for a real treat this morning. If you follow the game of baseball, you know the game Tony Gwynn. Tony Gwynn Sr. is one of the best MLB players of all-time, a Hall-of-Famer, and he’s known appropriately as “Mr. Padre” as he spent his entire 20-year career with one team, the San Diego Padres.

Today, his uber-successful son, Tony Gwynn Jr. joins the podcast and talks about a multitude of things in sport, family, and life. This includes his own personal journey through MLB, lessons learned from his legendary father, and what he’s done to master his craft in broadcasting and media to have a meteoric rise in the sports media world. You’re going to find this podcast is laced with gems of life-lessons and what truly is important despite the big stage, bright lights, and everyone knowing your name. It’s time to meet my good friend, Tony Gwynn Jr…

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More on the Episode

2:48- What Brought Tony Gwynn Jr. Into Fitness Quest 10
The benefit of good teammates…

3:56- Tony Gwynn’s First Day Working Out With Yours Truly. 🙂

4:16- What Always Stood Out To Me About Tony
A true student of the game.

5:45- What It Was Like To Grow Up In A Household With One Of The Most Famous Baseball Players Of All Time
The one major thing that most people don’t realize…

7:56- Going Into The Major League Dugout With Dad
“The coolest thing ever.”

8:38- Tony Gwynn Sr.’s Locker Room Lessons For His Son
And the day Tony Gwynn Jr. spent some time in the dirty laundry bin.

11:06- A Front Row Seat To High Performer’s Routines
A key element in preparation for a game.

11:37- Why Tony Gwynn Sr. Played 20 Years With One Team
Where his heart was: his family and his city.

12:41- Tony Gwynn Jr.’s Journey To Making His Own Name
Trying to be no one but himself.

14:24- What Baseball Taught Him
The blessing of meeting a lot of different people… and the importance of learning to put yourself in other people’s shoes.

15:14- “Just Because A Guy Is Having A Bad Day… Doesn’t Mean That He’s A Bad Dude.”
You never know what’s going on in somebody’s life…

15:44- When The Sports World Was Rocked In 2014
Tony Gwynn Sr. passed away from cancer.

18:38- The Dreaded Phone Call

19:09- Anyone Who’s Ever Lost A Parent Knows…
The most difficult time of your life.

19:48- “To See An Entire Stadium Filled Up”

20:07- Tony Gwynn Sr Affected A Lot Of People’s Life
“Just by him being him.”

20:37- The Professional Transition Post-Baseball

25:13- Tony’s First Gig With The Dodgers
It was a different game when the camera’s were focused on him. 🙂

26:53- Relearning A New Craft To Master
His new study watching other broadcasters. 

28:18- Tony’s Favorite Broadcasters Right Now

29:22- Aspirations In Media
Padres TV…. and coaching?

30:17- How Tony Balances Family Life And Work
The same way his Dad did…

31:20- What Brings Tony The Most Joy
Watching his kids thrive and the beauty of seeing people enjoying life.

32:18- A Piece Of Advice For Parents With Young Kids
Remember: it is about your child.

 34:25- Rapid Fire Q&As

35:00- Tony Gwynn’s One Wish

36:56- What “IMPACT” means to Tony.
Who are you surrounded by?

37:44- Tony Gwynn Jr.’s Legacy
“Loving life and helping people.”

40:08- When I Think Of Tony Gwynn Jr. I think Of One Word
Soul. A good soul.

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