Today is kind of a SAD day

Today is a “sad” day. Well, actually, it’s a “happy” day, but I’m struggling a bit. My baby-girl McKenna turns “13” today. She’s a full-blown teenager. I’m literally shaking-my-head thinking, how did this all happen so darned quick. Man, gotta slow TIME down. High-School Sports are BACK!!! In addition to feeling HAPPY today, we are […]

New Levels… Different Devils!

Your words are extremely powerful. And sometimes you don’t know WHO or WHEN someone is going to hear what you have to say and HOW it is going to IMPACT them. I recently was reminded of this in a very BIG way…and it left me speechless. Let me share a story with you. On October […]

How To Break the Cycle with Jenny Schatzle

Jenny Schatzle

WOW o WOW. Perhaps one of my deepest & most impactful episodes to date… literally. Jenny Schatzle is someone who attended my 3.5 Day Mentorship program in October 2012. Little did I know then that she was battling so many challenges, including alcoholism when she was at the Mentorship.  In today’s episode, we talk about: […]

Surprise Visit to a Friend’s Gym!

I recently went on vacation to Santa Barbara with my family. And one of the things I LOVE to do on vacation is work out. Another thing I like to do is visit gyms in the area and check out the local action. Especially if it’s someone who has been through my Mentorship program or […]