Life or Limb: The Heroic Story of Mike Merrigan

It’s amazing how quickly life can change. On Oct 7, 2018, Mike Merrigan’s world changed when he was in a horrific accident that ultimately cost him his leg. Seven surgeries and 3-years later, Mike shares his story publicly for the first time right here on the IMPACT Show podcast. It’s a story of perseverance, positivity, […]


It’s August. Can you believe it? I spent part of my Sunday organizing and doing some “Red tape.” I went through my closet and have a huge bag of shirts and shoes that I’m going to give away. A good ole spring cleaning or “purge party.” As much as I don’t enjoy organizing, it always feels […]

Do you have a $2,400 appetite?

The water fountain broke at Fitness Quest 10 a few weeks ago. Not good. Lots of sweat and thirst. And no water fountain. First things first, I didn’t realize that a water fountain costs about $1,800. Wow. And then my GM Julie Wilcox came to me and asked if we wanted to upgrade it to […]

Shift Happens

Shift Happen By Todd Durkin, MA, CSCS It is said that “either you choose change or change will choose you.” So true! Speaking of change, I gave a talk to my Mastermind Group at our Retreat last week called “Shift Happens.” Part of my talk entailed discussing the “4 Insights of Change” by Peter Diamandis. […]