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My Top 10 Takeaways From the Other “TD” | TD Jakes

Have you ever heard of TD Jakes?

Bishop Jakes is a super-power doing some amazing things.

He leads one of the nation’s most popular churches (The Potter’s House).

He had his own day-time network television show.

He is a Hollywood producer.

He has his own record label.

He is a best-selling author.

And I got to hear TD Jakes speak a few weeks ago at The Rock Church (San Diego) with Pastor Miles McPherson. He was there to talk about his new book, “SOAR! Build Your Vision From the Ground Up”, along with entrepreneurship, parenting, faith, and life. He was every bit as good as I thought he would be.

Actually, he was even better.

Funny. Smart. Wise. A man of faith. Certainly a man IMPACTING the universe. I left there thinking he’s one of those people in life who just makes you better.

The way you THINK.

The way you ACT.

The way you BE.

In a nutshell, let me share my top 10 Takeaways from the other “TD”:

#1. Haters often help bring out your best.

#2. Your dream must be bigger than you. If you can fulfill your dream by yourself, then your dream is too small.

#3. Surround yourself with great people who can support your dreams.

#4. You are going to “miss” something every day. Spouse moments. Kid moments. Business moments. You just can’t have repeated “misses” in the same bucket.

#5. If you have to hold it to keep it going, instead of just touching it, you have the wrong people in place.

#6. There are times you WILL get tired. You just can’t stay tired.

#7. It’s not where you are going that’s the hard part. It’s are you willing to sacrifice and part with what you have now to get to where you want.

#8. Like an airplane, you often have to go through turbulent times before you really start to SOAR. Faith, tenacity, and toughness are built in tough times. The blessing is often in the broken. And every time you were broken, you MULTIPLIED.

#9. He/she who is to be great anywhere, must first be great at where he/she is at.

#10. “We were created by a creator to be creative.” What are you creating today that’s going to make significant IMPACT tomorrow?

Powerful stuff right there. Which one of these 10 MOST speaks to you? Hop over to my FB page and let me know. Curious to see which one(s) most resonates with you.

Much love…and lots of SOARING!


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