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TD’s November Bucket List

TD’s November Bucket List

  1. Watch “STRONG” on Netflix. I told myself before surgery I was going to watch this anyway. Can’t wait to watch the “Comeback” episode on STRONG #6!
  2. Read or re-read 5 books in November. Yes, reading inspirational books moves my soul. I’m finishing “Overcomer” by Pastor David Jeremiah now and have already started the classic book “The Dragon Doesn’t Live Here Anymore” by Alan Cohen. I also have on my list to re-read “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari” by Robin Sharma. All 3 of these authors are extremely soulful and will fill up the “spiritual tank.”
  3. Watch 2 movies in November. I’m not a huge movie buff but my family loves movies. I have committed to watching two this month. One movie will unquestionably be CREED 2, which comes out on November 22nd. Can. Not. Wait.

    Not sure of the other one yet but I will choose one that will either make me laugh or inspire the soul. I’m open to your suggestions.

  4. Watch the Ronnie Coleman documentary on Netflix. I heard this is a great documentary and I love documentaries. Ronnie Coleman was an 8-time Mr. Olympia and has faced tough times as of late.
  5. Get 4 massages this month. I’m doing everything possible to expedite and optimize the healing process. Massage therapy is undoubtedly one of them. While I’m not getting “deep-tissue/sports massage” quite yet, the focus has been more on lymphatic drainage, skin-rolling, cupping, and relaxation massage.
  6. Watch “The Office” with my kids. My son Luke has been begging me to watch this with him as he finds the show hilarious. I’m normally not much of a TV guy (unless it has something to do with sports, a game, or a fitness-related show ) but I wanted to enjoy some “time” with him somewhere other than the weight-room or on the field.

    So I actually watched an episode of “The Office” a few nights ago and laughed my head off. I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time. I’m talking a deep belly-laugh where I was actually snorting while laughing. I was laughing so hard I think I aggravated my knee…but the medicine was great for my soul.

  7. Listen to a podcast every day. Some of my favorites are Wayne Dyer, Joel Osteen, TD Jakes, and John Maxwell). Easy to sit in my chair in the morning, put in my ear buds, and let some wisdom seep into the ears and brain.
  8. Watch one inspirational video per day on YouTube. I just LOVE inspirational videos. Even a 5-minute motivational video makes me want to GET UP and BE GREAT. How about you?
  9. Take a different picture with my Mom every day that she’s here and spend 1-hour just talking to her with zero distractions. My 85-year old Mom has been here in San Diego since Nov 7th (day after surgery). She will be here until November 23rd. It is RARE that I ever have 2-weeks to sit down and do NOTHING. I am capitalizing on this opportunity of “down-time” to spend time with Mom…and I’m capturing moments and memories every single day!
  10. “Holy-Hour” every day for November. When my schedule in “normal,” I commit to 10-20 minutes most days of the week to my spiritual walk. This includes quiet time, journaling, and prayer. This month, I’ve amped it up to 60 minutes a day.
    My quiet time is longer…
    My prayer time is longer…
    My journaling time is longer…

    And my FAITH is better. Most of us want to spend more time in faith than we do. I have zero excuses this month why I can’t get in that hour every day.

Just like my “Bucket List,” I also have a STOP DOING list of things. This includes…

  • No Day-time TV. Just so much garbage on TV during the day and the news isn’t much better. #ProtectYourEnergy
  • No more than 5-hours combined screen-time (TV, phone, laptop, etc.) per day (Still not great but I’ll permit it for this month since I’m confined to a chair far more than normal for the next few weeks). And a few of my “Bucket List” items do involve screen time.
  • No desserts until Thanksgiving. Sugar will slow down the healing process. This has been hard because all of the great gifts I’ve been getting from so many beautiful people. But I’m doing my best to not let sugar wreak havoc on my system. Man, this has been tough!!

There you have it. My “BUCKET LIST” for November and my “STOP DOING” list as well. Even though I normally don’t have a “Bucket List” for the month, this month I do. And it has already been a lot of fun…and it will keep me on point as my body heals up.

If you want more of my complete routine on nutrition, recovery, and healing, see below as I will be doing an FB LIVE on everything I’m doing.

Thanks for all you do. Keep striving for excellence, dreaming big, and creating IMPACT in all you do.

Much love,


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