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TD TV 02 | Top Leadership Lessons, Tips For New Leaders, & Work-Life Balance

I took over the Facebook Live airwaves last week to dive deep into one of my favorite topics, leadership.

For those of you who are new to TD TV, I’m hitting Facebook Live weekly to dedicate my time to answering YOUR questions, while sharing some of my best practices along the way. So, hit me up on social media before, during, or after the show, and tune in for the answers. No question is too big or too small.

In the episode below, I share my top 5 leadership lessons, tips for new and aspiring leaders, and how to achieve work-life balance (leaders work hard, baby)! Check out the show notes beneath the video for the sweet spots.



Show Notes / Sweet Spots

[5:00] My Top 5 Leaderships Lessons. In the video, you’ll see just how deep we went on each one of these:

  • Teamwork makes the dream work
  • Seek significance over success, and impact over income
  • Best practices feed high performance
  • Leading is loving what you do
  • You can only grow outward as far as you’ve grown inward

[25:40] Tips for new leaders and becoming a better leader. Whether you’ve never led before, you’re new to an organization, or you simply aspire to improve, these techniques will develop your leadership chops:

  • Make time to learn about the vision of the organization and the people within it
  • Schedule meetings to dive deep with the different people and departments within the organization
  • It’s about them, not you. Always ask how you can help others

[27:00] Achieving the balance between family and work. The timing on this question was impeccable as I was preparing to step away from Fitness Quest 10 after filming and throw on my dad hat for an entire weekend. This one ain’t easy, but work on the following:

  • Awareness. Be aware of what each family member has going on
  • Set your priorities and be prepared — and willing — to make sacrifices
  • Always be present


How can I help YOU?

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