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Terrell Chestnut: NFL DB Talks with Todd Durkin

Some of the best stories I have are about people you may have never heard of. This is probably the case of my story today.

Yes, he is an NFL player. But he’s not a “superstar.” Well, actually he is.

He has overcome foster care.

He has overcome his brother dying when he was just 8-years old.

He has overcome his Dad dying when he was 13-years old.

He has overcome tearing his hamstring off the bone.

He has overcome…

The list goes on and on.

Instead of me bragging about him, I want you to meet Terrell Chestnut.

Yes, he earned a college football scholarship and was a superstar defensive back at the University of West Virginia.

And yes, he has played in the NFL and he’s still working hard to maintain his dream. But today’s lesson goes way beyond the NFL. It deals with life.

I caught up with Terrell after one of his gruelling workouts about what it takes to overcome adversity, tough times, and a massive challenge. He sure knows all about this.

My friends, nothing fancy here. Just pure content with a message worthy of sharing with your kids, your teammates, your family, or anyone battling hard to overcome injury, addiction, death, or just tough times.

Thanks for watching and tuning in. Please share the message so more people who may be battling today have increased inspiration/motivation from someone who epitomizes a champion.

Much love,


P.S. And don’t forget to hit up Terrell. He extends the invitation to reach out to him via Twitter (@tchestnutt) or on Instagram (@terrellc16)

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