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Thanksgiving Blessings with my Wife Melanie

Happy Thanksgiving! On what is undoubtedly one of my favorite holidays of the year, today I’m joined by my favorite person on the planet, my wife Melanie. Before you dig into all the food and take a nap, get out for a walk or workout and listen to this short message on GRATITUDE. At the very least, pop on today’s show while prepping your food as it will definitely get you in the right mindset.

On today’s show, both Melanie and I share gratitude, love, and the mindset necessary to stay in gratitude during tough times. We also share some things we are struggling with and how we deal with it. This is real-talk. This is getting as personal as it gets and I get a bit choked-up and emotional talking about our amazing community of support. 

Enjoy today’s show and I appreciate you tuning in today. Have a great Thanksgiving and let’s be sure to celebrate what and who we are most grateful for today. Amen.

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More on the episode:

:40 – Todd and Melanie share on Gratitude.

1:49 – Melanie shares what she is grateful for in this crazy year of 2020.
Quality family time and meals shared. My oldest Luke being in my back pocket, fortunate to have this time with him before college. Why she’s obsessed with the Hamilton soundtrack.

7:10 – Todd’s challenges over the last eight months.
Had to be more intentional about my gratitude. Health is most important right now. Mindset & Resilience

12:00 – FAITH – I don’t know how I would have gotten through COVID19 without FAITH!
Grateful for Bible of the best highlights this year. The opportunity to deepen our faith. Community – Fitness Quest 10, Todd Durkin Mastermind, over 200 fit pros. All you Mind-Right Maniacs 

17:36 – Final Words…Happy Thanksgiving!


Please make sure if you have not listened to Monday’s Episode #136 Giving Thanks with the Durkin Kids – Luke, Brady  & Mckenna that you go back and listen to it. It is priceless as the kids shared what they are most grateful for this Thanksgiving!

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