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The B. E. S. T Strategies for a Healthy Life By: Heather Fleming


Learning to breathe correctly with consistency will provide our body a foundation for a healthy response to life’s stresses. Taking time to breathe will support more oxygen to our cells and relax our nervous system. Try:

  • 5 deep full lung and abdomen breaths every hour
  • 5 deep breaths before every meal to support optimal digestion
  • 1 deep breath when someone cuts you off in traffic or before responding to a situation
  • 10 deep meditative breaths before going to bed


We all do it, but what is normal?  Some believe once a week to once a day is considered “normal”.  Having a bowel movement after every major meal is success.  Also, you would like your elimination to be formed and float, this is a sign of great hydration and fiber intake.  If you start to experience any digestive disturbances, consult a holistic health professional immediately.  This is the core of your body, where major organs reside and do major duties or dooties (hee hee).  What goes in must come out, and if you are not producing quality eliminations this can bring on other ailments and dis-ease.


So, if you are waking in the middle of the night you are not receiving optimal rest.  Your body recovers, restores, and revitalizes while you are at rest. Your bladder is also large enough to “hold it” until you wake, even if you drank large amounts before bed.

  • Try taking 2 grams of high quality Omega-3 fish oil before bed
  • Turn off all electrical devices 30 minutes before sleep
  • Have a high quality protein shake before bed


Our bodies are meant to move! We are not meant to sit at computers and in cars.

  • Listen to your body and incorporate fun activity throughout your day
  • Learn how to calculate your heart rate and find your optimal heart rate
  • Listen to your favorite trainer

While coaching clients on-line & virtually on nutrition from all over the country, I look forward to supporting you toward your health goals and nutrition success.

Contact Heather Fleming, Fitness Quest 10’s Nutritionist,  by visiting her website or call her at 858-412-7918

Also, make sure to stop by and get ready to Transform Your Life!

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