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The Champion Life Playbook with Curt Tucker

If you are looking for a bit of inspiration today and need a great “pick me up,” I’m so excited to share a remarkable story of a new friend of mine, Curt Tucker. Curt epitomizes being an “overcomer” as he was raised by drug-abusing parents, battled 4 years of a rocky marriage (and eventually saved it), and overcame bankruptcy and some very difficult and stressful times. Now, he’s a thriving entrepreneur helping a ton of gym owners and entrepreneurs, he’s a man of strong faith, a father of 4, and he’s doing a lot of good in the world. You gotta hear this story!

Curt & I also discuss his newly released book “The Champion Life Playbook” which lays out the exact strategies and tactics that took him from a life of being broken in every area, to becoming the champion God created him to be.

Some of the specific topics we discuss include: 

  • Growing up with drug-abusing parents, what that was like as a child, and how that impacts him now as a father of 4-kids.
  • How and why he roamed with the wrong crowd in high school and how he got “out” of that crowd.
  • How fitness became Curt’s escape & saved him from further going down the wrong alley.
  • 2 people looking for love in all the wrong places…the first few years of marriage.
  • How Curt overcame bankruptcy to create a thriving business.
  • Curt shares why he wrote his new book “The Champion Life Playbook.”
  • Curt shares his top 10 things to “WIN the Day.”
  • Curt’s top business lessons. #MustListen

This one is going to inspire you. It’s quite a remarkable story of the resiliency, tenacity, and steadfastness of a man who is on a meteoric rise to create A LOT of IMPACT in the upcoming years. Enjoy!

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Noteworthy Quotes from this Episode:

“Success without fulfillment is the ultimate failure” – Curt Tucker

“Failure should have seminars” – Rachel Tucker

“Don’t be pushed down by your problems but lead by your dreams” – Dr. David Jereimiah

About Curt Tucker: 

Curt Tucker is an Entrepreneur, Evangelist, and Encourager. He is the Co-Founder of Gym Growth Experts as well as an Author, Speaker, Coach and Business Consultant. He is married to his wife Rachel, has 4 children, and lives in Ohio. His life’s passion and purpose is to Love, Encourage, and Empower people to Become the Champion God created them to Be and live the Champion Life.

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