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Who’s fired up today? I hope you are!

I just got back from Boston, where I was officiating a wedding this weekend. So, yes, “Pastor TD” was helping a “STRONG” couple exchange their vows.

When I say STRONG, my old tv show on NBC/Netflix partner, Devon Cassidy, got married this weekend, and I was honored to be the officiant.

It’s interesting as a coach, trainer, leader, or even parent; you never know “WHEN” you will see the ultimate IMPACT on someone.

When I first went on STRONG and was paired with Devon 6-years ago, she told me:

  • She didn’t love competing. I thought to myself, “she has the wrong trainer.” (We competed on STRONG to win $500,000).
  • She told me she gets performance anxiety. I thought to myself, “I don’t understand this. I work with elite pro athletes who love to compete. Wait, I love to compete. I’m not sure I have the right partner.”
  • She told me she was going through a rough patch with her family as her parents were facing a tough time. I remember thinking to myself, “I understand this one. My parents got divorced when I was young.”
  • She told me she wasn’t particularly happy in her career/job and was looking for more fulfillment. I loved my job and career, so I thought I could help her with some “career counseling.”
  • Most importantly, she told me she wanted to transform her life. That I got!

Why do I share all this?

Well, Devon and I ultimately “lost” in the Show, but we have remained in close contact for the past 6-years since it first aired.

Also, you just NEVER KNOW THE IMPACT you’re going to have on someone or WHEN you are going to have it.

Last year, when Devon Cassidy asked me to marry her and her fiancé, Josh Raymond, I just beamed with excitement and pride.

To marry them this past weekend makes it come full circle. And way bigger than a TV Show or even a half-million dollars, this one is for LIFE. And that’s IMPACT.

So to all my friends out there who sometimes wonder if the fruits of your hard work, labor, giving, time, coaching, or energy in your work, volunteerism, work in your community or church, or just at home are ever going to matter… you just NEVER know when your IMPACT may appear.

It may even come years after the fact!

This to me makes the circle complete and IMPACT fulfilled!

Do you have the “The ENERGY To LEAD”?
[Check this out… Ep 232 of the IMPACT SHOW Podcast]

Speaking of IMPACT, today’s podcast is with a FORMER employee at Fitness Quest 10 & Todd Durkin Enterprises from 2012-2015 who has done some amazing things and is creating GREAT IMPACT in the world these days.

Not only did she start as an intern, but she also became a standout trainer and group exercise instructor. She also became the “Director of Todd Durkin Enterprises” when that entity really started to grow.

Today, Natalie Peterson is not only a leadership and stamina coach with 10+ years of experience in organizational development; she’s a woman who is balancing out high-performance, motherhood, and the many demands of life.

Specifically, on today’s IMPACT SHOW podcast, we talk about the relationship between energy, leadership, business, success, and results. Regardless of the industry, sector, or career you’re in, there is no doubt that your energy, communication, and leadership play paramount roles in creating the peace, happiness, success, and fulfillment you desire in life.

Enjoy today’s SHOW. It’s full of great content on leadership, high performance, and getting results in today’s new business climate.

Specifically, here is what Natalie go deep in conversation about:

  • The IMPACT Natalie had on Fitness Quest 10 & Todd Durkin Enterprises when we were just getting started. We also share some great lessons & stories on leadership and energy, despite her sharing some good dirt on me.
  • How she became a Human Performance Coach & a Leadership Strategy Consultant.
  • Top leadership skills for lasting IMPACT and the 3 enemies of being present.
  • What great leadership & communication looks like today, and how’s that even different than even a few years ago.
  • One of my biggest pet peeves about ZOOM calls or meetings.
  • The importance behind effective leaders practicing self-care, taking breaks, and breathwork.
  • How to create energy that is sustainable, consistent, genuine, positive, and contagious. Yes, positively contagious!
  • Why she loves Ted Lasso and how those lessons apply today in leadership.
  • Why it’s important to do things right the first time you do them.

Thanks for reading today’s email and as always, thank you for LISTENING IN to the podcast.

Let’s create an incredible week and let’s go out there and LEAD with GREAT ENERGY this week.

Much love…and lots of ENERGY!


P.S. After you listen to today’s “Energy to LEAD” episode, please do 2 things…

  1. Please share the link of the episode with your friends, colleagues, and coworkers…
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