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The Epitome of IMPACT Man

Gus Cheliotis is someone I’ve known since 2013 and is one extraordinary human being. He’s a man who has turned-around multiple companies, currently manages 25 Billion dollars in assets (yes, BILLIONS!), has worked on Wall Street and he’s a health & fitness freak. Additionally, Gus first “met” me through my first book called The IMPACT Body Plan (wait until you hear this story). I have spoken to his company, done several events with him, and he has gifted the IMPACT Body Plan book more than any other book he has read (and he reads ONE book per week). Yep…IMPACT!

My friends, you are in for a treat today. He’s a force of nature and I’m honored to call him a friend. He’s a father, a husband, a great leader, he is one of the most successful entrepreneurs I know, and he’s one of the most heart-centered, kindest human beings on the planet. And that is NOT an exaggeration.

Here is what you can expect from today’s episode:

  • How Gus and I first met in 2013. Crazy story.
  • Gus shares the hardest day of his life…losing his father in a tragic accident.
  • How Gus has turned around multiple companies. He even took a company, saved it, went public 3-years later and then it went from 250 million to 1.7 billion dollars.  
  • Gus’s new company Nassau Fidelity – managing over 25 Billion in assets.
  • Lessons learned on Wall Street.
  • How he fosters an ownership mentality and fosters a Winning Culture at his company.
  • How Kosterina (Authentic Greek Olive Oil Company) started and why he’s so passionate about this company as well.
  • How Gus proposed to his wife Katina with a 30 page Powerpoint. 
  • Gus’s daily routine to perform at his best.
  • Gus shares his best practices that include Todd’s 90 Day Wonder and Annual Strategic Plan.

Please listen in and be sure to share this episode with your family, friends, colleagues, and co-workers. There are so many great nuggets of wisdom and lessons learned.

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More on the Episode:

 2:52 – How Gus and Todd met in 2013.

7:52 – July 4th…The hardest day of Gus’s life..losing his father in a tragic accident.
Pain and suffering don’t go away quickly nor would you want it to. We grieve by remembering and eventually we heal.”

10:28 – Gus brings Todd to Maui for a high-performers talk.
The team literally ran through walls after that talk!

15:30  – Gus shares what he is doing now with his company Nassau Fidelity – 
25 billion in assets!

17:24 – The Turn Around Guy – Gus bought a company for 250 million and 3 ½ years later went public for 1.7 Billion.

26:02 – Gus shares lessons learned along the way.
Wall Street and Nassau Street. Team Culture – where people look out for each other. It’s not just how much you know but how much you care!

28:32 – The Winning Culture – many lessons from Todd’s systems.
“A leader of one, a leader of many, if you can’t lead one you can’t lead any”

32:00 – Gus had 2 people arrested at his wedding in Greece so that the party could keep going!

35:30 – How Gus and Katina met and the 30 page powerpoint that sealed the deal!

40:05 – Gus shares what he does best as a father of 3 and a husband.
A blessing of the pandemic – being home and having more at bats with my kids!

44:34 – Gus shares his routine to perform at his best.
“I will develop good habits and become their slave.” The Greatest Salesman
“You don’t rise to the level of your goals, you fall to the level of your habits” – James Clear

55:02 – Lessons from Gus’s high school coach – learn in the locker room!

1:04:26 – Gus shares his best practices that he shares with his team, many from Todd. 

  • 90 Day Wonder
  • Journaling
  • Annual Strategic Plan with Katina

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