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The Gift of Grit, Grief, and Gratitude

This is the story of a former intern and employee, turned business owner, who has gone from personal tragedy to amazing triumph. Today’s show is going to help anyone who is down & out, in a funk, grieving, experiencing loss, or needing hope for a brighter tomorrow. It really is an inspirational story of a young woman who has used tremendous grit and gratitude to overcome deep loss and grief.

10-years ago to the week, coach Lisa Herrington gave birth to her twin boys. Unfortunately, one of a parent’s worst nightmares happened when one of her sons did not make it. It was a dark, paralyzing time of her life where she hit the depths of despair, and depression.

After grieving and processing the loss over a period of years, Lisa and her husband Greg Herrington, have turned darkness into an amazing light. She has started a non-profit foundation in her son Brady’s name, written a book on grief, serves parents who have endured similar losses, and she continues to change lives at her FIT House gym in Davis, CA.

Today’s podcast is NOT about grief. It’s actually an empowering story of a woman and family who have turned this tragedy into some amazing IMPACT. 

Here is what you can expect in today’s IMPACT SHOW:

  • How Lisa’s time as an intern and trainer at FQ10 set her up for career success.
  • The 7 phases of grief and how each is an important part of the healing process.
  • Identifying triggers and finding the tools to manage grief.
  • The importance of physical & emotional fitness is in the healing process.
  • Ways to honor your loss and move forward.
  • The importance of the Brady Randolph Herrington Community Foundation and how she loves leading her foundation.
  • What it’s like being a Mom of 4 kids now and how they still honor Brady today.
  • The power of laughter, crying, and gratitude in healing and living life.

This episode addresses the important topic of loss and how to work through the healing process and find your joy and gratitude again. It is about grit and it is about gratitude. It’s about understanding how easy it is to lose yourself when you are going through loss of any kind, much less the tragedy of losing a child. It is about making a list of who you were and what you loved about yourself ‘before,’ that will help you through the journey and give you the strength to find yourself again. This episode is about surviving. It is about turning tragedy into triumph. It is about taking all you’ve learned during your journey and helping others through theirs. 

Enjoy the show. I think you are going to FEEL it all in this one. If you find value in today’s IMPACT Show, please share it on Facebook, IG or text the link to a friend, family member, or colleague who would benefit from hearing it. This will help fulfill our mission to spread positive IMPACT world-wide and make this world a better place to be. 

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About Lisa Herrington:

Lisa Herrington is the Co-Founder and Owner of FIT House Davis. After almost a decade in marketing and public relations, she followed her passion, took the leap and opened a full-service boutique fitness studio which employs 40+ people and offers 70+ classes per week. After losing her first-born son (a twin) she realized how important exercise was not just for the physical body, but for the mind. She often refers to her line of work as movement therapy; an act that strengthens the body, mind, and soul.

Lisa is a best-selling author and manages the Brady Randolph Herrington Community Foundation, while also being a mom of 4, wife, and lover of waterskiing, snow- skiing, the ocean and a good Cabernet.

For a more in depth view of Lisa’s interview on our podcast, check out the blog post she wrote: Thoughts on Grief, Grit, and Gratitude…from the Airport

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