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The Importance of a Mentor

Today, I want to share someone special with you.

He’s a trainer at Fitness Quest 10. He started as an intern back in 2013. He’s a former hockey player. And he epitomizes the words PASSION, PURPOSE, and IMPACT.

My friends, meet someone I have been mentoring now for a few years and someone I’ve very proud of, Jesse Dietrick. I asked Jesse to be a special guest for today’s Dose of Durkin. And it’s here that he talks about the power of a mentor, fear, and leaning on faith in tough times.

Take a listen…I think you’re going to like hearing from one of our young shining stars at Fitness Quest 10.

How about you? What do you want to achieve in life?

What are your intentions?
How do you continue to learn and improve yourself?
Are you leaning on your faith in times of difficulty and times of ease?

Tough questions but important ones to address when searching and striving to be your best.

Much love…



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