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The Journey of Parenting Through Addiction & Incarceration

Today’s episode is one that’s going to blow your mind. It’s a story with a great friend of mine who spent 10-years incarcerated, overcame addiction, and is now parenting a child who faces the same challenges and addictions he did. 

Travis & and his wife of 22-years, Cyndy Barnes, go deep today and share the obstacles surrounding drug addiction, a 10 year prison sentence, life reestablishment, health issues, and now a daughter who is incarcerated and pregnant. You will also learn how Travis and Cyndy have managed to survive it all because of their love for each other, their faith in God, a lot of hard work, and desire to overcome! They are living proof that love can conquer all.

When you talk about vulnerability, authenticity, resilience, faith, and IMPACT, this episode has it ALL. Travis and Cyndy epitomize IMPACT and are now doing amazing things in their community and through their “ministry work” at Journey Fitness 333. This episode is raw and full of insight, for adults and kids, about the influence of your surroundings, anxiety, stress, and fighting to find yourself and your personal identity. If you’re a parent, please listen to this episode and have an open and honest discussion with your entire family. 

I leave you with one of my favorite verses, Proverbs 3:5-6: Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.

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(:24)  Todd introduces the episode theme of overcoming obstacles and the question, what is it going to take for you to remove the chains that are binding you as you face what you have to overcome today?

(5:15)  Today’s guests are Travis and Cyndy Barnes, owners of Journey 333 Fitness franchise and co-hosts of the Overcomers Podcast.

(7:10)  Journey 333 Fitness focuses on mind, body, spirit.

(11:03)  The obstacles of addiction, incarceration, family and marriage strain, and health challenges.

(13:00)  Travis shares his story of meth addiction, a decade of incarceration, and his success far beyond recovery. 

(18:30)  Love conquers all and was the foundation of keeping Cyndy & Travis’ marriage strong even through incarceration.

(19:52) Advice Travis has for kids using and experimenting with drugs. People, places & things you surround yourself with matter.

(22:10)  Advice Cyndy has for parents with kids battling addiction. 

(22:33)  Travis & Cyndy’s daughter is currently incarcerated for drugs and is pregnant.

(24:33)  As a parent how do you continue to love when you wonder what you’ve done wrong?

(26:51)  Raising a child in a good environment prevents the replication of parental mistakes.

(28:23)  Parenting a child who is going through anxiety, depression, and addiction. Seek professional help and don’t give up.

(31:43)  The importance of kids finding their own healthy identity.

(33:07)  The impact of external expectations, the importance of a healthy environment and surrounding yourself with good people.

(34:52)  Stress relief vs. substance use.

(36:15)  A fitness program increases the odds of addiction recovery.

(36:55) How to avoid getting caught up in what isn’t real.

(38:17)  Get away from temporal things – you are more than what you have.

(42:27)  Why Travis’ life experiences are what will make him the father and grandfather his daughter and grandchild need.

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