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The Lil’ Giant Who Always Believed He Could with NFL Legend Darren Sproles

Meet legendary NFL Running Back Darren Sproles. He carved out an illustrious 15-year career and I believe he will be a Hall of Famer in a few short years. And he only stands 5’6” tall. While I had the opportunity to train/coach Darren for 11 of his 15-years while playing for the San Diego Chargers, New Orleans Saints, and the Philadelphia Eagles, I got to know him both as a man training to be a world-class athlete and a man who prides himself on being a great father, husband, and human being as well. 

What’s special about this episode is that Darren doesn’t seek out the limelight. He doesn’t do a ton of interviews, podcasts, and shows. And today you will hear why. But one thing I guarantee you is that you will feel his spirit, get ignited by his heart & soul, and you’ll be a huge “Sprolesy” fan by the end of this episode. 

Specifically, on today’s IMPACT SHOW, Darren and I talk about: 

  • Retirement and what it’s like for him.  
  • 5’6” tall; How did he get into the NFL?
  • What training did for Darren and why he always went so hard in the weight-room.
  • Darren shares his fondest memories of training and his favorite workout partner.
  • His top NFL memories.
  • How he has dealt with stuttering from the age of 5 and what helps him now when he begins to stutter.
  • What’s next for Darren Sproles?

I believe you’re going to really enjoy today’s show. Darren reveals things you probably didn’t know about him and shares what makes him tick. Additionally, he shares where his effort, discipline, sacrifice comes from and how it helped him have such a long career. 

Folks, I hope you enjoy this convo as much as I enjoyed sitting down with Darren and having such a deep conversation. If you enjoy it, please SHARE it. Simply snap a picture of the cover and share it on your social media, or text a link of the IMPACT Show to your favorite people.

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:20 – Who is Darren Sproles

4:55 – Retirement… Harder or Easier?
Darren shares which one it is for him.
Football was my life and now finding my new rhythm.

5:42 – If you raced your wife Michel, who would win?

6:35 – 5’6” and Getting Into The NFL
Blessed and driven to prove people wrong

8:14 – What did training do for you?
“Do you want to be good or great?….gave me the edge.

10:24 – Darren’s Fondest Memories of Training
Friday Grind Day and “In the Box” Training

12:46 – Favorite Workout Partner

14:28 – NFL Fondest Memories
3rd year in the NFL with Norv Turner.. the coach that gave me a chance

16:21 – Lowest Point in Darren’s Career
Watching my team win the Super Bowl when I wasn’t there to celebrate them

17:20 – What Brings Darren The Most Joy
My girls… family

17:47 – What Makes Darren the Most Uncomfortable
Lights, cameras, and big crowds

21:20 – Advice to Someone Who is Not Good at Something and Challenged.

22:15 – What’s Next for Darren Sproles
Scout for the Eagles and Golf game… Gotta beat Chase Daniels

24:55 – Advice for Kids Today
Keep working and stay focused.

27:17 – What does the word IMPACT mean to Darren
Helping others and giving back

29:25 – Olathe Kansas…What Does it Mean to Darren
Made me tough and focused
My home and special place 
Inducted into the college hall of fame at Kansas State

30:33 – Darren thank you for who you are!

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