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The Power of Community – Petco Peddle for the Cure

If there is one thing that the pandemic taught me or reinforced to me, it is the power of a community.

Man, it has been a long couple of years, and even when you have a strong community, there are still days or times when you feel lost or empty. Can you feel me on this or what?

There has been no better time for me to see/feel/witness the power of my community than yesterday when the Fitness Quest 10 team, family, and community showed up in droves to the Padres “Pedal the Cause” event to squash cancer. It was simply an awesome event!

So check this out:

  • Over 60 Fitness Quest 10 community members showed up to participate in the 5K walk/run, bike, or cycle event.
  • We raised over $30,000 combined to give back to the “Pedal the Cause” cause.
  • Over 2,000 people in total participated in the event.
  • Overall, $2,419,796.00 was raised in total to give back to research to fight cancer & find a cure. Yes, read that again!!
  • WOW. That’s a lot of people. And that’s a lot of money. ALL for a great cause. It’s incredible what can be accomplished when a team or community works TOGETHER for the common good.

There were a couple of personal highlights for me at the event:

  • First, having the opportunity to kick off the 5K event and fire up the 2,000+ participants.
  • Hanging with my guy Joe Pangelinan (Ep. #219 on the Todd Durkin IMPACT SHOW regarding his fight with stage-4 lung cancer), bringing him up on stage, and seeing him walk with Jeff Bristol and the FQ10 crew for the 5K. That was awesome!
  • Smiles. Everywhere.
  • Connecting. Everywhere.

Here’s a simple reminder that will fill your heart & soul up with the good vibes you crave:

Make sure you are part of a great Community. It does wonders for your soul (your body & mind also if your community is also a great gym!).

Get behind a great cause. Fighting cancer is a noble cause, and the “Pedal the Cause” is a great organization. But there are many great philanthropic associations, movements, and opportunities. Get behind one that resonates with you, and it will fill up your heart and your soul (and your body as well if there is a movement component to it).

It’s amazing that a little gym like us could raise that much money in just about one month. Then again, when the “little engine that could” gets moving, it creates momentum that can’t be stopped. Get moving and get momentum.

“Live a life worth telling a story about…what’s YOUR story?” Yes, this is my slogan that I’ve been saying for years. Truth be told, there were some amazing stories that I heard. Every one of the 2,000 people present at the event was doing it for someone. Everyone knew/knows someone who has been impacted by cancer.

One of the more “impactful” conversations I had was with a young man named Ben. Ben is 17-years old. He lost his Mom to cancer 2-years ago when he was just 15-years old. We talked before and after the 5K. Ben shared how he works out and prays every morning and how much he misses his Mom. I told him his Mom is smiling down today and very proud of him.

Ben just smiled and lit up like a Christmas tree.
My friend, IMPACT is what it’s all about. It certainly was a day of IMPACT. Keep stacking days like this and momentum shifts, purpose deepens, and peace, joy, happiness, and fulfillment is discovered.

Much love…and a ton of IMPACT!


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