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The Secret Sauce to Creating a Winning Team & Culture

I just got back from presenting at the Club Industry Conference in Chicago.

It was there that I had the opportunity to do a 60-minute presentation on “Creating a Winning Team & Culture—Keys to Studio Profitability.” And we had a great crowd of people who were fired-up to improve their businesses.

I spoke on several different things:

  • Branding and becoming the rockstar in your community (see yesterday’s email)
  • Hiring, leading, and keeping GREAT people in your organization
  • Delivering legendary customer service that creates WOW experiences
  • Leadership
  • Building a better YOU

And after the talk, one of the attendees pulled me aside and said something interesting. This is what he said, “Todd, I needed to hear that presentation and you shared a ton of info. And I think I can be and need to be a better leader on my team. But what is the ‘secret sauce’ to putting it all together and making it all work?”

I paused, smiled, and put my hand on this young man’s shoulder and said this:

“Never forget that we are in the business of changing lives and making dreams come true. We must be so maniacally focused on our client’s success and happiness that nothing else matters. So start by helping more people. Go to all costs to make a customer happy. And focus on having meaningful conversations and relationships with everyone you deal with every day.

And that requires you having the right team in place also.
And that stems from hiring the right people.
And the right team sets the energy in motion to create a positive environment that shines light like a lighthouse.
And lighthouses attract lost ships.
And if we radiate positive light, we will attract a lot of ‘lost ships.’

And that takes continuous work by your team.
And it takes on-going effort by YOU boldly sharing your story and message.
And helping and serving more people.
And this ultimately helps you create a solid culture and community.

And that requires YOU to be your BEST. Always.”

My friends, the fitness business isn’t easy…
It involves changing human behavior and lives.

It involves overcoming a sea of negativity and a pool of depression.

It involves “everyday” people like you and me with a deep-seated passion to change lives to put on their capes and become “super-heroes” to instill confidence and belief in our clients.

It requires you to be armoured-up everyday to fight the good fight.

And that was my advice to this young man. And then he smiled and walked away ready to conquer the world.

Remember, if you are a trainer, buckle up and know the world needs people like you and me with an extreme desire to be like a super-hero. Put on your cape and let’s go.

Much love… and a shout-out to all the super-heroes of the world!



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