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The STRONG Reunion with Devon & Brittany

A few years back, I had the opportunity to be on a prime time reality show called STRONG on NBC (now airing on NETFLIX). I took a huge leap of faith and a ton of risk to leave my business & family for up to 3 months. It was one heck of a ride and I’m glad I did it.

For today’ show, I reunite with the two women I was teamed up with on STRONG, Devon Cassidy and Brittany Harrell. We talk about our top lessons, favorite memories, worst memories, where the girls are today, and how they are doing. Additionally, I share the 5 major things that had to line-up for me originally to be on STRONG and discuss how/why they happened.

Enjoy today’s reunion show as we go deep and even share some of the behind the scenes stuff that never made it on the show and that I have never discussed publicly before.

Lastly, if you have not seen STRONG yet, be sure to check it out on NETFLIX. You will love to see the “drama” unfold and how it all works out as we compete for up to $500,000. Warning!!! Don’t stop watching after I get eliminated in Week 3. As always, these reality shows have a lot of twists & turns, and this one is no different. Stay tuned!

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More on the episode:

1:00 – Huge leap – leaving my family and business for three months and the five things that had to happen.

  1. Had to get a nuclear heart scan 
  2. Canceled a live event – cost me over $30,000
  3. Canceled a speaking engagement – 1st time ever!
  4. Under Armour had to sign off – Kevin Plank gave me his blessing!
  5. Leaving for three months – the risk of being away from my family and  business

6:15 – Meet Todd’s Trainees/Partners from Strong
Devon Cassidy and Brittany Harrell

10:09 – Devon shares what’s happening in her life right now.
Newly engaged!

12:53 – Brittany shares what’s happening in her life right now.
The struggles with hybrid teaching

16:02 – Devon shares her top lessons learned on STRONG that apply in her life today.
Life’s struggles do not define me; Fear of failure – getting outside of my comfort zone; Focus on mental health – daily fight.

20:07 – Brittany shares her top lessons learned on STRONG that apply in her life today.
Behind the scenes, real discipline; It’s ok not to be 100% all the time – what the opportunity tower taught me.

25:55 – Brittany’s favorite memories from being on STRONG
Conversations in the tower with Todd

27:20 – Devon’s favorite memories from being on STRONG
Kitchen talk with TD – first time having fish!

32:33 – Todd Shares his Favorite Moments
Comeback Tower

35:02 – Devon shares her fear of the Tower
The Fear of Failure

37:50 – Brittany shares her worst moment 
She got her foot caught in the mousetrap!

40:02 – What Incident Shut Down Production for a Week!
The upside-down med ball toss that led to Todd’s rhabdomyolysis and shut down production for a week.

43:10 – Fast forward to today for Brittany
Brittany shares where she is at with health, fitness, nutrition, and mindset

48:42 – Fast forward to today for Devon
Devon shares where she is at with health, fitness, nutrition, and mindset.

55:00 – What’s next for Devon?  The fight is real.
Invest in self; Get rid of head trash.

57:02 – What’s next for Brittany?
Trying to figure out! Training for life; Focus on the way I feel vs. the way I look.

59:45 – Final thoughts from Devon and Brittany.
Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you can’t do something!  

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