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The Super Bowl, 3-Reasons WHY Now is an Interesting Time of the Year for NFL, MLB, & College Football TRAINING…& Your Next LEVEL!!

It’s an interesting time of the year.

The Super Bowl this year pits 2 extraordinary teams in the Chiefs and the 49ers. I will make my prediction at the end of this article as I am confident that I will come within 5-points of the final score and tell you WHO is going to win. Heck, I will tell you who will even win the MVP. Haha.

Seriously, I wish there was an “underdog” team in the Super Bowl this year. I was pulling for the Lions, Bills, or Packers to get IN the Super Bowl but that obviously didn’t happen.

So why is this such an interesting time of the year?

Because this time of year demarks 3 things for me:

  1. My NFL athletes are returning to train. And we have some “new” guys this off-season ready to get after it and that starts literally the day AFTER the Super Bowl (Monday).
  2. The MLB players are already departing to their respective camps. I have a few guys who are leaving NOW to start Spring Training already as pitchers/catchers report this weekend (Saturday). It’s crazy to think that the actual baseball regular SEASON starts in one month.
  3. And here is a new one…College Football because of the portal. Yep. I have a few guys I am training now who are “grad transfers” and are graduating college (San Diego State University) this Spring and going to other FBS Schools (one to Louisville; two to TCU) in their final year/or two. They are great guys and I’m loving working with them and prepping them for the “next level” at their new schools when they report this summer.


My guys are all prepping for the NEXT LEVEL! 

Here is the commonality between all 3 groups… ALL OF THEM are doing what they need to do to get to THEIR NEXT LEVEL.

Between training, conditioning, mindset, nutrition, mechanical work, recovery, soft-tissue work, they are doing everything possible to maximize their potential and reach peak performance.

Keep your eyes on our guys. Keep them in your prayers. And know they are no different in you trying to max out your potential as well!!

What is YOUR NEXT LEVEL? (And a Free-Webinar to COACH YOU on some “Secrets” I have)…

Whether you’re an athlete, an entrepreneur, a corporate professional, a musician, movie-maker, medical doctor, or Mom or Dad…I believe ALL of us are seeking our next level. Especially nowadays. 

I’ve been thinking about the “Next Level” a ton lately and how we can create “the edge” and continually push the envelope to reach BOTH  maximum success and deep significance. 

In ALL areas of life. NOW.

That is called, “IMPACT!!”

Therefore, I’m going to do a webinar next week (completely FREE) that is on this exact topic. I want to discuss, teach, and COACH YOU on what I believe EACH of us can do to maximize our talents, gifts, and potential, regardless of career or industry. 

I’m going to call it, “Your Next Level: 5 Strategies I Use with Pro Athletes & Top Entrepreneurs That Will Help YOU Gain More Fulfillment & Create Even Greater Impact in Your Life” 

When: Tuesday, February 20th 

Time: 4pm PST/7pm EST

It’s LIVE (via stream) for anyone around the country (heck, the world for that matter!) and I personally invite you to attend. 

I think you are going to like what I share. Again, I am going to COACH in this webinar so come prepared to listen, write, think, dream, and DO!!!


Some of the strategies I will COACH you on include:

  • How to shift your ENERGY to beat exhaustion, fatigue, and burnout as you seek even deeper FULFILLMENT.
  • How to ATTACK YOUR FEARS in order to conquer self-doubt, MAXIMIZE YOUR FAITH, and push through procrastination and roadblocks. 
  • How to go from “WANTING” to “ACHIEVING” and how to focus on the right priorities to paving a clear path forward.
  • How to align yourself with your HIGHEST & MOST DIVINE-PURPOSE. 
  • How to MAXIMIZE YOUR POTENTIAL so you can play at your highest level in the GAME OF LIFE!

I’m pumped to share with you some “inside secrets” I’m doing with all my clients from a Life-Coaching perspective, as well as a physical training perspective to maximize one’s MIND, BODY, and SOULSET…and ultimately LIFE!

Lastly, I will be doing a LIVE Q&A at the end of the Webinar to answer any/all of your questions. 

Sign up now by clicking the button below.

This is your year! I told you 41-days ago (when 2024 began) that I was going to help you create an ICONIC year…

That I was going to teach & coach as much this year as I EVER have… 

That I was going to put myself out there MORE than I EVER have to change MORE lives… 

That I was going to shine even more Light and help YOU get even more “LIT-UP” than I EVER have…

That I would do more travel, retreats, keynotes, events, and even WEBINARS than I EVER have…

My friend, I am NOT waiting. And neither should you!

The time is NOW and YOUR NEXT LEVEL is awaiting. I’ll see you on the webinar.

Much love…and I’ll see you at the “Next Level.”


P.S. #1. Super Bowl Prediction…

San Francisco 49ers—37

K.C. Chiefs           21

Co-MVP’s:  Brock Purdy & Christian McCaffrey


P.S. #2. Welcome to the IMPACT Body Plan APP!!!

Your Next Level…with a 10-Week Body & Mind Transformation Program!!! 

14-years after the best-selling book debuted, The IMPACT Body Plan is NOW out on an app. Yep. 

Check it out. 162-exercises on Video (and AUDIO) beautifully laid-out and ready for you to attack the next 10-weeks for massive transformation.


Additionally, if you would like ME to guide YOU personally, we will be launching the 1st IMPACT Team to ever go through 10-week program TOGETHER (digitally) starting this MONDAY (from the comfort of your own home/gym/city).

Either way, the program just came out (on the APP) and you can get it at a whopping 40% OFF only until this Monday, Feb 12th

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P.S. Will I receive the Replay of the Webinar “Your Next Level” if I register and can’t make it LIVE?

YES! We will send out the FULL replay to you within 24-hours of the webinar. BUT you MUST sign-up for the webinar to receive it!!

SIGN-UP NOW…and also receive the REPLAY…and the BONUSES!!! 

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