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This Navy Seal Changed the Fitness Industry!

In 2006, I met a guy named Randy Hetrick. It was at the American Physical Therapy Association Annual Conference trade-show floor room and his new, upstart company was just getting off the ground.

I was down at the conference because Drew Brees had just torn his shoulder up 2-months previous in a San Diego Chargers vs. Denver Broncos football game. Dr. James Andrews performed Drew’s surgery and the lead physical therapist (Kevin Wilke) happened to be presenting on the shoulder joint at the conference in San Diego. I was getting ready to start training Drew and wanted every detail I could get about the shoulder.

To make a long story short, after Kevin was done presenting, I had about 10-15 minutes to go through the expo floor before it closed for the day. The ONLY booth I got to in that time was the booth that caught my eye.

I saw these black and yellow straps. And I saw people doing things on them that just made total sense to me.

They were using their body weight.
And they were adjusting their body angles on it to adjust the intensity of the movement.
There were lower body exercises.
Upper body exercises.
Core exercises.
And yes, shoulder exercises.

That company was called TRX and the rest is history.

13-years later, founder and creator of the TRX, Randy Hetrick and I have become great friends. He’s one of my closest confidants and I have the utmost respect for him and what his company has done.

I was recently up in San Francisco, CA, and visited Randy at the TRX World Headquarters. I sat down with Randy and got an insight that few rarely get to see.

This MindRight Maniac episode called “Changing an Industry” gives you a unique perspective on a few important things:

You get to see and hear about the actual FIRST strap that Randy used (when he was a Navy Seal) that eventually became the TRX.
You get to see the “think tank/brain drain” where much of the product innovation happens and gets created. This includes the vintage very FIRST sewing machine Randy bought for $500 and used HIMSELF to make the first TRX. It’s still in use today!!!
Randy’s Top 3 business lessons.
What fuels Randy’s passion and the legacy that drives him.

Folks, this is a fun one and I know you’re going to enjoy this trip up to San Francisco. Let’s go up to the TRX World Headquarters now and take a tour…

There are so many gems that Randy shares in this one that you may even want to watch a couple of times over.

I hope you enjoy the episode and that it motivates you to not only work out and train on the TRX but to remember and believe that YOU can be a game-changer in your industry as well.

Get after it and don’t forget to “Make Your Body Your Machine.”

Much love,

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