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Thoughts After Dropping My Son Off at College

WOW. What a crazy few weeks it has been highlighted by dropping my son off at college last week. Highs. Lows. An emotional roller-coaster to say the least. Whether you are a parent or not, I believe you are going to “FEEL” my emotions, sentiments, and lessons in today’s podcast episode and that it will help you be an even better version of yourself.

There are 3-parts to today’s Show:

  • Part 1. My thoughts from 35,000 feet on my flight to North Carolina as we prepare to drop Luke off at Davidson.
  • Part 2. My thoughts from the bleachers at Davidson College as I watch Luke’s first practice.
  • Part 3. My final thoughts from the plane on the way back to CA after leaving Luke at school.

This episode is going to share my “insides” as a parent. Out of all the hats I wear, there is none more important than this one. As Proverbs 22:6 states, “Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he grows old, he will not depart from it.” But man-o-man, this doesn’t make it any easier to “Let Go.”

Enjoy the episode. Please be sure to share this episode with your family and friends and on your social media. Please TAG some parents that are in the same boat as me with kids leaving or getting ready to leave for college. It may positively IMPACT them as well!

More on The episode:

1:52 – Part 1. My thoughts from 35,000 feet on my flight to North Carolina as we prepare to drop Luke off at Davidson.
I’m excited for Luke and his new adventure. It was just over 1-year ago that he decided to go to Davidson for school… WHY there…

7:07 –  I’m sad. Luke is my oldest. He’s my sidekick. My thoughts on why I’m sad…
As much as I’m sad that it’s the “end” of one era, I’m more excited that another one begins…

13:29 – Part 2. How I feel now that we are on the campus of Davidson College. My thoughts from the Football stadium as I watch practice. 

19:27 – Part 3. My final thoughts on the flight home from Davidson.
Proverbs 22.6
“Train up a child in the way he should go; and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” 

24:45 – My Family Mantra.
I’m so happy I can do anything and I love my Luke, Brady, and McKenna.  We’re the Durkin’s, we always do our best…and we NEVER give up!

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