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Thoughts from my 35,000 Foot Spa Retreat

Welcome to my “35,000-foot spa retreat.” Today’s episode is my deep thoughts, introspection, and excitement from 35,000 feet last week as I was flying to Nashville, TN, for my TD Mastermind Retreat. It’s no secret that I do some of my best work in the sky, and I wanted to share some rarified air with you today. I think you are going to like this one!

Part 1 of today’s episode is me up in the plane heading over to Nashville and sharing some of my thoughts and “coaching” lessons that I would be facilitating throughout the 4-days with my Mastermind group. It includes what gets you juiced, what drains you, what’s currently holding you back, what’s going to help propel you forward, and when you are at a “fork in the road,” how do you navigate the fork.

Part 2 of today’s episode is heading back home with my Top 5 takeaways and lessons from the Mastermind weekend. We had 20 fire-breathing dragons sharing their souls “live” and I believe you will find great value in deep introspection and thoughts from the trip. Also, I leave you with 7-Deep questions to answer and share. I know they will get you thinking deeply, acting bravely, and becoming even more a man or woman of “IMPACT.”

Fasten up your seat-belt and cozy up in a seat in the same row. Even though we will keep that middle-seat open right now, you are going to enjoy this conversation from 35,000 feet. Time to go “wheels-up.”

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More on the episode:

:44 – Part 1 – What I’m most excited for – Think, Write, and Create

 #1. A 4 Hour SPA retreat at 35,000 feet

 #2. Connect live with 20 passionate and committed Fit Pros from the TD Mastermind

  • What are the things YOU are most grateful for these days?
  • WHO in your life are you most grateful for these days?
  • WHAT are some of your top lessons learned in the last 8-months? And what are you doing to apply then to TODAY’s times?
  • Business-wise, where is your focus now, and IS that where it should be? Or do you NEED to be focusing on something else?
  • If you are at a FORK IN THE ROAD in your life or your career, what are you going to do? And WHEN are you going to do it?

#3. A change in the routine. Love to travel and seeing new cities.

9:48 – Part 2 – I’m so excited to spend this 4-hour flight to get some work done and watch Sunday night football…Saints vs. Bucs!  

Here are my takeaways from Nashville

12:15 – #1. The Power of Human Connection

13:48 – #2. Don’t let “Creep” set in…Stay in the zone and don’t get stale.

16:30 – #3. “If all we are is what we have, then when we lose what we have, then we lose who we are” — Wayne Dyer
Don’t be guided by ego; let your divine purpose and faith guide you!

18:08 – #4. Simple is not always easy – Be a leader and ask your team these 5 questions:

  • Where are you succeeding professionally?
  • Where do you have opportunities to improve right now?
  • What do you do to improve in that area?
  • If you were to improve in that area, what would be possible?
  • What can I do to help you specifically?

Don’t ask for feedback…ask for advice.

21:31 – #5. Stay connected to your Soul, your Spirit, your Faith, and your Purpose!

22:30 – Final Thoughts 

#1. What is giving you the juice right now?
#2. What’s draining you – do less of them.
#3. What’s your purpose, and why?
#4. If you knew you couldn’t and wouldn’t fail and live with no regrets, what would you do?
#5. If you knew you had only six months to live, what would you do?
#6. What does the end of your year look like for you?  Frame it up.
#7. What are you going to do to take action today?

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