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Time to Get Your Pads On!

One of my fondest memories as a young boy was getting my football equipment before the season began.

Getting fitted for the shoulder pads and helmet. Getting your thigh pads, knee pads, hip & tailbone pads, rib protector….ahhh, it brings back such great memories. I can still smell the sweat and remember what it’s like taking OFF your helmet the first time (ouch, your ears get pinched!).

Well, today, the young Durkin boys received their football equipment. Luke & Brady were so excited to get their gear—especially their helmets and shoulder pads.

Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 2.33.57 PM

And they have been smiling all day. I’m talking ear-to-ear grin as they walk around the house with their helmets and shoulder pads on. And trying to figure out how to weave their pads into their pants. And now they are out front practicing. I am having deja-vu.

There is nothing better than looking forward to something that you are really, really excited about.


How about you? What are you ANTICIPATING in your life? What are you really excited for?

Sometimes you have a goal or a dream and it takes longer than you want… but then it happens.

Or sometimes good news or fortune happens quickly and you get excited quickly… and it puts an extra burst in your step. Or puts a huge smile on your face.

What “good news” do you desire or expect in your life?

What are you currently planning for or anticipating in your life?

For Luke or Brady, they are anticipating football practice that starts on August 1st. While they don’t really fully know what to expect yet, they still have unbridled enthusiasm for just putting the pads on.

For you, what are you anticipating? What puts a wide silly-grin on your face and allows you to have hope, excitement, or joy?


My friends, whether you reflect back on something in your life that brought you much joy and happiness… or you look forward to the goodness that is going to happen “tomorrow,” never stop ANTICIPATING what brings you most happiness. #IWILL

Much love… and much ANTICIPATION!


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