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“Lucky 13”

Today is a special day, my wife Melanie and I are celebrating our 13th wedding anniversary. Man, time sure does fly by.

And it feels like just yesterday when I got married. I remember having all my family and friends into San Diego for that memorable day.

I remember having a “Wedding Day Boot Camp” with about 75 people out on Mission Bay on the morning of the wedding.

I remember being on the altar and trying to convince Melanie that we needed to go get Sid after the ceremony and bring him to the reception (he was our 3 year Golden Retriever “child” at the time) so he could help us celebrate (she said no!).

I remember the reception and all the fond memories with all the folks that attended the celebration…

Ahh, what great memories…Always fun to look back and remember special days and events in your life. And that was surely one of them.

Here are my Top 13 Lessons Learned in Marriage over the past 13 years (in no particular order):

1. Listen to your spouse’s intuition. It’s usually right.

2. Communicate your dreams and visions with your spouse. You need to make sure they know how your mind works and they need to be part of the big decision-making processes. Communicate!

3. You might be the head of the household, but your wife is the neck. And the neck can move the head anyway she wants. ‘Nough said.

4.  Having kids is the best gift a couple should share.

5. Having kids and parenting is the hardest job a couple can do. When you have one kid, it seems like it’s the hardest job in the world. When you have two, life gets real hectic. And when you have three ormore, you often throw your hands-up in the air and wonder how life can be so crazy.

6. Out of all the roles/jobs you may have, parenting is the most important one.

7. Don’t say NO to pets. We have had dogs, fish, a guinea pig, and a cat. And while I haven’t been amenable to all of those, they they’ve always brought joy to the family. Maybe we can add a new puppy to the household in 2014!?

8. Get in your date nights… and date nights do NOT include kids. And get in more of them (dates that is!).

9. Build in a couple getaway weekends/vacations with just your spouse. It’s amazing what even 48 hours away can do as a couple.

10. Pray together.

11. Workout together.

12. A happy wife is a happy life. Keep her happy. Say “yes” more often, leave love notes, make her coffee in the morning, say “sorry” more often, admit you’re wrong when you are (come on fellas, we always think we are right!), bring her flowers for no reason, and say “I love you” everyday.

13. And always, always celebrate your anniversary. Whether it’s anniversary #3, #13, or #33, you must make it a point to make it significant.

This week’s WOW is ANNIVERSARY. Not because it’s the most impactful word. But it’s perhaps the most significant celebration.

What anniversary’s do you have coming up? What special occasions do you need to celebrate? For you? For your spouse? Kids? Family? Personal victories? Client anniversaries?

Melanie and I went to dinner last night and reflected on 13 years of marriage. While not always easy to be married that long (or longer), a 4,745 day commitment to anything or anyone is certainly not an easy task. But it certainly is worthwhile.

Enjoy your week. Celebrate all the loved ones in your life and stay committed to all the important tasks, roles, responsibilities, and PEOPLE that are special in your world.

Much love.


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