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· Are you Ready to Take Your Fitness Business to Another Level?

· Are You Ready to be Part of a Special “Todd Durkin 1-Day Mentorship” that is Extremely Unique & Exclusive?

· Are you Ready to take ACTION…and Make a Massive Step for your Business Success?

If you answered “YES” to these questions, SIGN-UP IMMEDIATELY for one of the only 20-spots. 



From the Desk of Todd Durkin:

Dear Trainer, Fitness Business Owner or Leader, and fellow Life-Transformer,

Passion. Purpose. IMPACT. 3-words I live by. 

I realize as a coach, trainer, and entrepreneur, that we have the extraordinary opportunity to change lives. Every. Single. Day.

And to be at our professional best, it requires us to be at our PERSONAL best.

Physically. Mentally. Emotionally. And spiritually. We must be firing on ALL cylinders.

As I’m writing this, I’m coming off two amazing live events (IDEA World & Perform Better) so my soul is EXTRA on fire. And that I LOVE.

I also realize for us as fit-pros, having our energy, passion, and mojo ticking on all levels is a big-part of our success. Not ALL of it but a big part of it.

Another BIG part of it, is your business acumen.

Your clarity.

Your systems.

Your team.

Your culture.

Your vision, mission, goals, strategic plans and action-steps.

And of course, your energy and enthusiasm for WHAT you do.

Of course, you need to also be around the right people. To think. To dream. To write. To share. To listen. To learn. To grow. To be part of a hotseat.

Especially when it’s LIVE and IN-PERSON!

So I have big news for you…

I want to personally invite you to a very small, personal business meeting in San Diego that I’ll be hosting at Fitness Quest 10 (San Diego) on August 11th where I can COACH you, MENTOR you, and hopefully motivate & inspire you to Take ACTION on what needs to be done in the next 90-180 days to win the rest of the year.

After all, my THEME for the year is “WHY WAIT?”

So WHY should I wait for a “better” time to do it. There’s no time like now.

WHY should I wait for the “perfect” dates to do it. That doesn’t exist.

So I’m inviting YOU to it. And it will be small. It will be personal. And it will be UNIQUE.

But here’s the deal:

·       It will be SMALL. Less than 20-people. Yep.

·       There will be no major frills and fancy. It’s roll up the sleeves and “DO WORK” kinduva day.

·       It’s for fitness business owners & entrepreneurs who want to grow their business, scale their success and create even more IMPACT in their life.

·       It will be PERSONAL. Everyone will have the opportunity to share, if you so choose.

·       It will be “mostly” business. When I say that, you will have the opportunity to workout at FQ10 with me if you choose. But the rest of the day (9-5) will be all “business.”

Topics for the 1-Day Mentorship will be centered around:

Ø  Attracting, Keeping, and GROWING your team.

Ø  Marketing in a new era and an “IMPACT” campaign get you an influx of new clients/members right after Labor Day.

Ø  Leadership. It’s a new era. Let’s make sure we know how to best lead today to get results that you desire.

Ø  “6 Emerging Markets & Opportunities that Every Fitness Business Needs to Know About” Let me just say you need to know this.

Ø  Todd’s “Top 10 Must-Do’s to Run a Successful Fitness Business Today.”

Ø  Scaling your Brand to create Maximum IMPACT in your Community & Beyond… 

·       You will CONNECT with other fitness entrepreneurs and have the ability to COLLABORATE in a multitude of ways.

·       This day will be INEXPENSIVE. Seriously. Umm, did you see the price? (See below)

I just want to create one GREAT DAY OF IMPACT for 20 fitness business owners, leaders, or entrepreneurs who need a day away to immerse in a “Mindset of Greatness.”

Is that you?

Are you ready?


Here’s an even better part. 

It’s only $349.00 for the entire day. I won’t say anything else. No hooks. No gimmicks. I just want to see who’s going to step-up and take

action when I take away every excuse in the book why you can’t be there (Oh, and I want to give it away too; see below in the Q&A).

I’m looking for 20-hungry fit-pros. Trainers who are coaching and loving what they do…but want to get their businesses better.

Be in the ROOM and watch what happens. Because if you want to take your business and life to the next level, I always say “BE IN THE ROOM.”

If that’s you, real simple.

Register today. Register now. First come…first serve. But time is ticking.

Love ya…hope to see you in the room Friday August 11th!!

Todd Durkin


1. Can I bring a teammate, GM, or fellow-leader on my team?

Yes, but because we only have 20-spots, they will pay the same low price. Still a screaming deal and great opportunity…on MANY levels.


2. Can I come early or stay-late?

Yes, come in a day early and be a fly on the wall at FQ10. Or stay Saturday and hang for a few hours before enjoying San Diego.


3. How much will Todd be there?

Umm…ALL of it. While I will have my team presenting and sharing a bit also, I will be part of the entire day and presenting a ton, including leading the workout in the early morning.

4. Is it worth flying-in from out of state?

I can only tell you that I will never have a 1-day opportunity at this price again. While I hope to do more of these in the future, the price is normally 5x this for an intimate gathering like you will be receiving. So Yes, GET HERE!!

 5. Will there be any surprises there?

If you know Todd, there are ALWAYS surprises. But you gotta #BeInTheRoom to find out.

 6. Will this be recorded or streamed?

NO. My soul wants to do MORE Live, IN-PERSON events. That’s why I’m doing this LIVE and IN-PERSON ONLY.

 7. And WHY is it so inexpensive?

ONE reason…because I want to fill this 1-Day Mentorship up quickly with little marketing and then donate ALL the money to the Durkin IMPACT Foundation to give it ALL away to those in-need.. Yep, other than what I pay a few of my staff for being there, I will donate proceeds to the IMPACT Foundation so we can give it ALL AWAY!

So your attendance is not only a write-off…

Your attendance is not only exposing you LIVE to a mindset of what it will take to thrive & succeed in today’s business climate…

Your attendance will not only provide you the opportunity to “BE IN THE ROOM” with some extremely bright minds…

YOUR attendance is actually creating IMPACT for someone you don’t know even know but is going to benefit AS MUCH as you are.



Hope to see you “IN THE ROOM.”

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